5 original Christmas looks to copy right away!

If you are looking for an original Christmas look, which reinterprets classic outfits in a modern and trendy way, here you are in the right place. The holidays between Christmas and New Year are a "perfect opportunity to show off looks that distance themselves from the classic winter outfits and reinterpret them with the colors and shapes typical of this period. How to dress for Christmas or New Year depends on your intentions and events. which you will participate in, but here we want to give you some suggestions on how to be original throughout this period and during the most important lunches and dinners, whether with family or friends! Password? RED! Start taking a look, for example, at the inevitable red coats available on Amazon and then follow our tips for a truly original Christmas look !!

Red coats on Amazon

The red scarf: the real Christmas passepartout

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How do we make any look so much more Christmas in one move? Simple, with a red scarf! Think about it, wherever you approach it, on a white or gray sweater, the feeling will be that of having a Christmas touch always at hand. Perfect over a coat but also to accompany looks with neutral colors, typically winter. This is our choice. : 100% wool with a red that makes all hearts beat! And if you are also interested in the red checkered pattern, we offer it with a nice long shirt, also perfect on leather leggings, available on Amazon for € 18.99!

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Pros: it is 100% wool Made in France, therefore with a good quality and advantageous measures, that is 150x30 cm.
Cons: it represents a classic that can give a Christmas touch to any look but certainly does not shine for being innovative in itself.

Buy it on Amazon for € 29.79

The red blazer to match the stripes

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The red blazer is a real must have, for any occasion. Perfect on an elegant dress, like a little black dress, but also on jeans and a white t-shirt. For Christmas we offer you an unusual combination, that is the one with a nice black striped t-shirt or t-shirt. Halfway between the grinch and a diva on holidays, the combination is really trendy! We chose a very particular jacket, in bright red, which has a zipper at the waist to detach the underside and shorten it. Unique, true ? And if you are looking for a striped t-shirt, on Amazon it is available for about € 15! Christmas dinner I'm not afraid of you!

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Pros: it has a very Christmas color, with warm and welcoming lathes. The zipper allows us to transform it also into a crop top jacket to combine with trousers or a high-waisted skirt!
Cons: if you prefer cool shades, this jacket may not be for you.

Buy it on Amazon for € 16.60

The inevitable red tartan miniskirt or tartan skirt

The red tartan miniskirt is a reinterpretation of the classic Scottish kilt, traditional dress and much appreciated by all fashion houses for decades. The mini version, extremely feminine, is perfect for the Christmas period and is a real gem. Being mini, it is preferable to wear it with a nice light colored sweater, even if black is never wrong. Here is our favorite!

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Pros: it is fantastically Christmas and is a perfect mix of comfort and sensuality, especially when worn with flat shoes such as ankle boots or combat boots.
Cons: it fits a bit wide, a factor to consider when ordering.

Buy it on Amazon for € 22.95

A revisited Christmas classic: the sweater with the reindeer ... long!

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The reindeer sweater is a great classic among Christmas looks: cute, colorful, it immediately transports us into the magic of Christmas. We have seen it in all possible patterns, in all the most original colors, but we offer it with a different touch, that is long! Perfect on a pair of tight jeans, on a nice leggings but also with very opaque glues and knee-high boots!

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Pros: It's 70% cotton, perfect even under a heavier jacket. Little trick: if you want to use it as your own dress, even with a less opaque pair of stockings, take it a few more sizes

Cons: if you are very cold, it may not meet your needs!

Buy it on Amazon for € 27.89

The wide pleated skirt: the perfect look for a Christmas lunch or dinner

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If you want to break everything and be crowned queen of elegance, this Christmas go for a fairytale look by choosing the wide red pleated skirt. Super versatile, this skirt can be worn both during Christmas lunch and during the Christmas Eve dinner. Perfect for a casual outfit, paired with a sweater and winter sneakers, but also with a nice heel 12 and a contrasting blazer. Here's our favorite for € 18.99! What are you waiting for?

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Pros: It will instantly transform you into the Grace Kelly of Christmas, making you flawless for any occasion!
Cons: it is made of cotton, it may not be the ideal solution if you will spend Christmas around and in the cold!

Buy it on Amazon for € 18.99 <

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