Stress is transmitted: how to avoid being infected by that of others

Word of order of today's life? Stress. Today's rhythms prevent almost everyone from having a relaxed, peaceful life, or one that follows relaxed and peaceful times. Between stress for the family, stress for work, the commitments of the children, the trips to the gym, and the duties that also reach you on social networks, it is really difficult to manage everything and also manage it calmly. As if that were not enough, however, if for a period of your life you feel less pressured, it will be enough to be surrounded by stressed people to accuse, accumulate and get infected by their stress. Before you understand why, find out by watching the video what your perfect stress reliever is, your zodiac sign says it:

Because stress would be contagious

Stress, just like a cold, would therefore be easily transmitted. How is it possible? Through mirror neurons, neurons that exist in order to allow empathy between us and others. Through mirror neurons the behaviors of others become imitable, and this would also happen when we are surrounded by people who assume attitudes of anxiety, fatigue and strong stress. Think about it: how many times have you woken up on the right foot, you have started your day full of energy and energy but then, once you arrive at the university, at work or after meeting someone, your mood changes and you feel in the throes of fatigue, anxiety or agitation? Of course, this also depends a lot on your way of interacting with others and your ability to detach yourself from the feelings and reactions of others.

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How to avoid being infected by the stress of others

Isolating behaviors derived from stress, giving yourself moments to find yourself (for example practicing yoga could be a good choice), applying positive thinking, trying to discharge negative feelings and finding a healthy balance between work and affections, could be ways to avoid being "infected". It can be very useful to look from the outside, stop for a moment and clarify to yourself what you are feeling. What origin is your moment of agitation? How many things in your life are at this moment a factor of fear or anxiety? they will be calm, and especially if you have some logical answers, you are probably taking on the stress of others. This is the right time to breathe, wear a raincoat and let situations that do not belong to you slip on you! So take a deep breath and ...

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Did you know that playing sports is good for both body and mind? Against stress and fatigue yoga helps you benefit from yourself, here are some accessible positions to start:

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