The retro style

Do not overdo it

Retro can be fun, but it's easy to overdo it. Start with light touches, to avoid the total look effect!

Where to find retro items?

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Retro is in fashion and in furniture stores you can find many items in this style, otherwise don't hesitate to go to junk shops and flea markets, where real treasures are sometimes hidden! Don't hesitate to bargain the price as these items can be quite expensive.

The 1950s: pure nostalgia

After the great world conflicts, enthusiasm returns, people witness the economic boom and innovations spread. The postwar period saw the appearance of new plastic materials and the return of cold colors. The style is American-inspired.

The cult objects: the rounded refrigerator, still reproduced today by the Smeg brand, the rounded toaster, the tables with rounded edges, the radio, the black and white tiles, the jukebox ...

The 1960s: the yéyé touch

The 1960s celebrated the light-heartedness of baby boomers. The furniture abandons impositions, the motifs are cheerful and often polka dot, flowers abound on the wallpaper as on everyday objects. Rounded shapes are still in fashion.

The cult objects: the screen prints by Andy Warhol, the Lava Lamp, the Ball Chair, the armchairs with wheels, the laminate furniture, the Vichy check fabrics.

The 70s: disco dance

In the 1970s, the watchword was: exuberance. Colors explode: red, orange, pink, green, everything is allowed! The decorative motifs are psychedelic. Two-tone walls, geometric wallpaper, plastic: the decor is above all playful! If you choose this period, you have only one thing to do: have fun and go overboard with the kitch!

The cult objects: the tam-tam stool, the mirror ball, the long-pile carpet or carpet, the plasma lamp, the vinyl poufs, the plexiglass tables.

The 80s: pop music

The 1980s saw the return of sobriety, the '68ers grew up and became a little more serious. Black and shades of gray return to the house, colors are always present but less exuberant. Phosphorescent colors make their entrance while straight and angular shapes reappear. Sobriety and design take the first steps inside the homes.

The cult objects: the neon, the black leather sofa, the halogen lamps, the photos and the posters.

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