5 reasons why the scrubbing machine will change your life

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You know that moment when floor washes cross each other, after spending time removing dust, vacuuming it from every corner and crushing the mop to remove the most difficult stains? Yes, just that moment when we have washed all the rooms, the floors are still wet everywhere, and we have a chair, a flight on the sofa, or a wait, followed by an average of 5 checks per second, to understand if the floors they are dry (without treads or residual dirt) Well, the time has come to forget this stasis and simplify your life, even if in some cases there are some very sweet impediments ...

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Open the doors and your heart to a scrubbing machine and a new love will be born. Here because:

1. Cleans deeper

We are talking about a product that performs 2 functions at the same time and this is already a big advantage. But how is a washer dryer made? It is a machine equipped with two microfiber rollers which, moistened with water and a specific detergent, rotate quickly, collecting coarse dirt and removing the most difficult stains from the floor. This will be perfectly washed and dried in the blink of an eye. Et voilas, that's it and ... what a smell of cleanliness!

2. Saves time

A scrubbing machine, thanks to its technologies, allows you to halve cleaning times with optimal results (vacuums and washes in about 2 minutes). Think about how much more time we would have to rest, eat a pizza, take a walk, play with our children or read a good book?

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3. Waste less water

Thanks to the FC 5 scrubber dryer and the innovative Kärcher technology, it is possible to save 85% of water. An advantage not only of an economic nature, which can be verified above all in the long term, but also environmental and ecological because, as you know, during cleaning we often waste a lot of water, a resource on which many populations cannot count, at least in the quantity at our disposal.

4. It is suitable for all surfaces

Whether you have parquet or a marble floor, the washer-dryer will remain by your side at any time precisely because it is suitable for any type of surface. Just pay attention and care, as with anything, and you can work on any interior flooring without problems!

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5. Saves ... money!

That's right: buying a Kärcher washer-dryer allows you to receive a refund of € 50 on an expense of at least € 249. An active promotion on many other Kärcher products, including a series of vacuum cleaners for all needs. But it is only possible to take advantage of it from March 1st to April 15th, so don't miss the chance!

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