Weekly horoscope from 14 to 20 January 2019: many news for the earth signs!

Aries - a lucky start!

Dear Aries, your week starts with a super lucky Monday, when the moon will shine in your sign! Emotions will certainly not be lacking: favorable Venus gives your relationship an edge and facilitates meetings. Some problems, however, could arise on the work front, due to an unfavorable Mercury that creates some more difficulties. Bet everything on the clearest days of Thursday and Friday.

Taurus: good news!

Dear Taurus, this week will bring good news to your sign on the working front: Mercury is finally on your side and helping you to unlock situations that seemed lost ... Interesting encounters and new opportunities will be possible especially on the lucky moon days, those of Tuesday is Wednesday. Also nice on weekends, dedicated to relaxation. Find out now how much you should sleep based on your sign:

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Gemini: heart problems ...

Dear Gemini, with Venus in opposition there is little to joke about: your love life in this period will be a real torment! Try not to avoid arguments and face them head on: you are someone who knows what she wants and, however difficult it may be right now, you will be able to assert your reasons. Bet everything on Thursday and Friday, when you can count on a beautiful moon in conjunction ready to give you a little more luck.

Cancer: no head shots ...

Dear Cancer, unfortunately with Mercury in opposition there is no joking: if you are waiting for a turning point in your life, especially in the professional one, you will have to wait. This is not the right time, with Saturn also opposite, to make important decisions or head shots. Focus on the beautiful things you already own, and they are not few! Furthermore, Saturday and Sunday will be two super-lucky days, in which the moon will give you beautiful surprises.

Leo: what a beautiful moon!

Dear Leo, your week starts at its best, with a beautiful favorable moon and Venus on your side! Love will be the real protagonist of your days: couples who in the last period have encountered some difficulties or experienced moments of misunderstanding, will now be able to find harmony and serenity. The luckiest days of the week will be those of Monday, Thursday and Friday. Days off, however, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Virgo: ups and downs ...

Dear Virgin, love in this period does not make you feel comfortable: this week too you will have to experience ups and downs. The luckiest days will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday, while between Thursday and Friday there will be discussions, even heated ones… Fortunately, work will give you great satisfaction: Mercury guarantees interesting encounters and feedback, especially in the first part of the week.

Libra: opposite moon ...

Dear Libra, your week, unfortunately, begins with a lunar Monday in opposition: it will be a rather heavy day, in which some inconvenience or delay may occur. Furthermore, in the workplace, the disfavor of Mercury creates some more obstacles. Luckily, Venus takes care of giving you beautiful emotions and two truly exceptional days from a sentimental point of view: those on Thursday and Friday.

Scorpio: new opportunities!

Dear Scorpio, the new year has opened in a big way for your sign, with a beautiful Mercury ready to give you new opportunities and beautiful surprises. But be careful not to throw them away! The days of Tuesday and Wednesday, with the moon in opposition, could see you in a bit of a bad mood ... you have no reason to worry: the stars are on your side, ready to make your dreams come true! Saturday and Sunday lucky and decidedly romantic days.

Sagittarius: long live love!

Dear Sagittarius, love will be the great protagonist of your days: it will be a week dedicated to Venus and passion! Important new encounters await single girls, while couples will find new ways to have fun together and break the routine. Attention, however, to the days of Thursday and Friday: the moon in opposition risks creating some tension and misunderstanding, but you will overcome them easily!

Capricorn: Mercury in the sign!

Dear Capricorn, Mercury has finally entered your sign: with the support of this planet you can achieve truly amazing results, especially in the field of work. Be careful, however, not to get too stressed: it is easy, in fact, that in the next few days you may feel a little extra tired, especially at the weekend ... Saturday and Sunday the opposing moon will make you more nervous than ever!

Aquarius: great satisfaction!

Dear Aquarius, your love life will give you great satisfaction this week: are you ready to be surprised? For you, love means always new stimuli and a lot of adventure. The partner ready to give you all this could be around the corner! The luckiest days will be those of Monday, Thursday and Friday. Attention instead to the days of Tuesday and Wednesday, when the moon will be in an unfavorable position.

Pisces: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Pisces, love torments you. Once again you are there wondering why you always have to suffer so much! You are one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac and give your all to those who don't deserve it. Perhaps it is appropriate to start from the crisis of these days to finally start putting your needs first. The luckiest days of the week will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday. Instead, pay attention to Thursday and Friday ...

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