The August 2019 Horoscope: a month of achievements for the fire signs!

Aries: an August under the banner of love!

Dear Aries, are you ready to live a month of August all in the name of love? For most of the month your sign will be able to count on the favorable aspect of Venus, which will guarantee you weeks of great passion. Singles will not struggle to win the heart of some beautiful vacationer, while those who are already in a couple will be able to enjoy really hot holidays! At work, however, it will be a less exciting time: you can take advantage of the absence of twists to relax and focus on your love life, in anticipation of a September full of news! Find out now the three best adjectives to describe your sign:

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Taurus: a complicated month ...

Dear Taurus, unfortunately this month of August will be a bit complicated as far as feelings are concerned ... You will have to deal with an unfavorable Venus until day 21: more or less strong tensions could arise between you and your partner that could ruin the summer atmosphere. The planet Mars, also unfavorable, will make you feel rather tired and stressed, at least until day 18. Luckily you can count on the favorable aspect of Mercury which, throughout the month, will guarantee you an interesting social life, good meetings and could bring also some news on a professional level.

Gemini: days of passion!

Dear Gemelli, forget all your work problems, leave all worries in the office: this month of August, ask your sign to devote himself only and only to love! In fact, the planet Venus will be the real protagonist of your summer: until day 21 expect exciting encounters, great heartbeats, nights of passion ... For the rest, there could be slowdowns, especially if you are waiting for some answer at work that does not depend at your place. We might as well enjoy every moment of this splendid summer and tackle everything you have left unfinished in September.

Cancer: a little respite ...

Dear Cancer, this first part of 2019 was certainly not easy for your sign, which bears the opposition of Saturn so strongly. In this month of August you will have the opportunity to breathe a good sigh of relief and experience a period of respite. Do not expect that everything will be resolved, even if favorable Mercury will guarantee you some nice surprises ... unfortunately the stars do not want to give it to you yet! However, you will be able to relax and rest, especially in the second part of the month, when the planet Mars will rush to your rescue to help you recover your psycho-physical energies in view of a new autumn.

Leo: in first place!

Dear Leone, if we were to draw up a ranking of the luckiest signs of this month of August, you would be at the top, number one! The planet Mars in conjunction makes you strong and irresistible, a true queen ready to excel on any occasion. Venus in the sign will make you conquer one after another: love this summer will give you great satisfaction! It is only up to you to decide whether to be serious or have fun as much as I can ... Moreover, starting from the end of the month, Mercury will also enter your sign, preparing you for a recovery full of successes and professional satisfactions. What more could you ask for?

Virgo: a month of dating!

Dear Virgo, for the whole month of August you can count on the planet Mercury in conjunction: if you are still at work, new opportunities may arise, all to be seized! Certainly there will be meetings destined to last, whether they are new potential bosses or colleagues, or simple friendships. It will be a month in which interpersonal relationships will give you great satisfaction, opening up new paths and new horizons for the future. Then, starting from day 21, the planet Venus will also come into conjunction: if you are single waiting for the right man, it could arrive soon!

Libra: full of emotions!

Dear Libra, are you ready to experience a month of August full of emotions? Until day 21, in fact, you can count on a beautiful favorable Venus, which will guarantee you love and luck in sentimental matters. Your life as a couple will be truly peaceful and you and your partner will experience moments that you will remember for a long time. Favorable Mars, for its part, will make you feel fit and full of energy, also giving you moments of relaxation. On the business front, in fact, you will live on standby for a while, but don't worry: you are just preparing beautiful surprises and reversals that await you for your return in September!

Scorpio: don't ruin your summer!

Dear Scorpio, unfortunately this month of August will not be easy as far as feelings are concerned ... You will have to deal, in fact, with an unfavorable Venus, who will put a spoke in the wheel of your relationship at least until day 21. Fortunately, the last ones ten days of the month, you can experience a good recovery. The risk, however, is to experience even very intense moments of stress which, thanks to an unfavorable Mars, could put you in a bad mood ... Don't let your holidays ruin and think that maybe it's not worth it: if it's the right person to stay alongside, you will soon clarify everything.

Sagittarius: with the favor of Venus!

Dear Sagittarius, your month of August will be characterized by the favor of Venus: until day 21, in fact, you will be able to enjoy its beneficial influences, which will bring you a lot of luck in love. Singles, in particular, will have a lot of fun: there will be meetings and conquests! Unfortunately, the work environment is not so lucky: Mercury, unfavorable for the whole month, could create blocks or slowdowns, but don't worry too much: in September everything will be resolved for the best! Mars gives you great energy in the first half of the month, while in the second you may feel a little extra tired.

Capricorn: a month of relaxation!

Dear Capricorn, the month of August will finally be able to give you some well-deserved relaxation! The last period has been quite stressful for your sign, both from a professional and a sentimental point of view. Now you can enjoy some respite, waiting for an autumn that will be a real ascent towards success for your sign! Starting from day 21, love will return to smile at you, thanks to a beautiful favorable Venus. Meanwhile, Mercury will guarantee you new contacts and new opportunities in the professional field. Finally, Mars will return to your side starting from day 18, guaranteeing you a good recovery also from a physical point of view.

Aquarius: what a stress!

Dear Aquarius, unfortunately the month of August will be the most complicated of the year for your sign. In fact, you will have to endure both the opposition of Venus and that of Mars. There will be problems in the sentimental field: many of you could question your story and get to the point of deciding to close it. Those who manage to overcome this moment of crisis together with their partner, however, will be tested, but stronger than before! It will be a stressful month from both a psychological and physical point of view: you will often feel nervous, tired and without energy. Try to react: the improvements will already come around day 18.

Pisces: better to postpone ...

Dear Pesci, the month of August will put a stop to your projects: unfortunately you will find yourself dealing with the opposition of Mercury, which will make it really very difficult to get what you want in the professional field. Try, if you can, to postpone your most important commitments to September, and in the meantime try to relax and dedicate as much time as possible to your partner. Unfortunately, starting from day 21, Venus will also enter into opposition and the dialogue with your boyfriend will no longer be so simple ... The second part of August, finally, will be characterized by a little more tiredness, due to the opposition of the planet Mars.

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