How to choose a professional makeup palette?

In the era of social media, thanks to beauty gurus, influencers and e-commerce, most of the professional make-up brands have become known even to the most profane.

If before some brands such as Mac or Nyx, were reserved for professionals and were also very difficult to find, now there are shops in all cities and through online commerce, even overseas brands have become available.

Which has meant that many people, far from the profession of make-up artist, approached the world of make-up,
often being struck by it!
If you are also a true beauty lover, or a professional ì, find out with us how to choose a professional makeup palette.

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Why choose a professional makeup palette?

Professional make-up is always synonymous with high quality, a fundamental feature, since we are talking about products that you will keep on your skin all day.
Choosing a professional palette ensures you are dealing with safe, non-toxic products but also products that keep what they promise!
How many times have you bought eye shadows with beautiful colors and then on the skin, it seemed that you had not put anything or worse: were you expecting a nice electric blue and you found yourself with a pale flimsy gray?

The professional make-up will avoid all the problems related to the duration, to the possible reactions of your skin and to the final effect of the product.

That's why we decided to suggest some useful tips if you need to renew your arsenal, if you are a professional make-up artist or to make new useful purchases, real investments in make-up.

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Correct, sculpt, illuminate, opacify: the best professional palettes

The make-up, especially the professional one, always starts from the base, that is to make the skin of the face, a perfect canvas on which to create.
Once the foundation has been applied, any imperfections must be corrected or dark circles reduced.
The best choice is a palette of variegated concealers, each with a specific function, based on color.

The correction, in make-up, is a study based on contrasting colors: green, for example, will contrast redness while an orange color will cover dark circles tending to blue.
This Nyx, lends itself to any need!

© Buy on Amazon for € 19.64

Once the color of the face is uniform, you can move on to give it volume, thanks to the play of light and shadows created by the contouring.
The specific contouring palettes are also very useful for opacifying the t-zone: forehead, nose and chin, are the areas of the face that tend to be most shiny.
In this Nyx palette you will find everything you need to mattify, sculpt and illuminate.

© Buy on Amazon for € 32.87

The final touch of the base is the blush.
After having evened out and sculpted your face, give it further volume with a blush, for a pleasant natural blush effect on the cheeks. You can use a brownish one instead of contouring to emphasize the cheekbones.
This palette by Mesauda has all the nuances necessary to experiment with different looks, based on the mood and the result you want to achieve.

© Buy on Amazon for 27 €

Enhance your look with a highlighter. Remember to use it on the inner corner of the eye, on the cupid's bow, on the cheekbones, and wherever you want to give a little glow!

© Buy on Amazon for € 14.95

To me the eyes!

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, but also a must in the world of make-up and every beauty lover always has an eyeshadow palette where they can choose the various combinations between matte eyeshadows and glitter eyeshadows.
Play it safe with this complete Mac palette. Matte eyeshadows perfect as a base for eyeliner or to be blended together.
Also beautiful are the metallic colors to be applied with your fingers for a more shiny effect.

© Buy on Amazon for € 84.23

A palette that must never be missing in your beauty bag is a very colorful professional eyeshadow palette.
Make up is fun and creativity, there are no right or wrong colors, you just have to have fun and experiment.
These Nyx eyeshadows are very colorful but above all very writing!

© Buy on Amazon for € 32.11

Last but not least: the lipstick!

Lip palettes are less common for non-professionals.
Unlike make-up artists, usually the lipsticks we buy are ours and we use them one at a time.
If you prefer to have them all together, here is a perfect palette for you by Mesauda.
All nude tones, but also red and purple.
Perfect if you want to change color outside the home, perhaps after lunch and practical to keep in your handbag. These lipsticks are matte but just apply a gloss for a shiny effect.

© Buy on Amazon for € 22.99

Finally, don't forget the brushes!
Indispensable in a professional makeup set!
From "highlighter to lipstick, through those for contouring or blush. Brushes are essential for a beauty addict.
Zoeva is one of the best brush brands loved by all influencers.
Here, a very complete set, with a beautiful clutch bag!


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