Couple test: is it time to leave it?

If you think about it, it is actually absurd to search for the answer to this intimate and personal question in a test. Each person should understand whether to commit himself to the survival of a love story by looking within himself, analyzing his own feelings and the attitudes of his partner.
Far be it from us to want to influence important and intimate decisions such as whether or not to leave someone. It is true, however, that sometimes to see the reality of a romantic relationship more clearly and objectively, there is a need for external intervention.
Sometimes, one gets too involved to be objective and would like to have at least 1/4 the determination of these two guys ...

couple test: do i have to leave my boyfriend?

Answering these 10 questions not only to get the result of the couple test, but to stop for a moment and reflect on your relationship and on how the need to take this test was born.

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