Attention, traveler! We know which are the best (discounted) backpacks for your adventures

Traveling makes us happy. It is wonderful to be able to learn about new places, new cultures and new flavors, but we know that for a stress-free journey, we must prepare and be ready for any inconvenience we may have while traveling the world.

Whether you are more precise or more spontaneous, we wish you that all moments of the journey are perfect and carefree. So, a great backpack can be your best friend at times when you are struggling with all the pre-trip preparations, when you are going to the airport, or when you are in the middle of a new city, looking for that museum you wanted. much to visit.

In this article we tell you everything you need to consider when choosing a backpack for a trip and we recommend the best options sold on Amazon.

How to choose a backpack for traveling?

  • First of all, you need to be sure it's a comfortable backpack and it needs to fit your body. Remember that you will carry the backpack resting on your shoulders throughout the day, therefore, it must be perfectly suited to your physical type. If you are a small person, you cannot carry a large backpack and vice versa.
  • The product must have the perfect size. The backpack does not need to be giant, also because everything becomes heavier and more difficult to manage. For starters, you should know that travel backpacks are measured in liters, rather than kilos. Therefore, the recommended size is usually between 30 and 45 liters.
  • It must be well equipped. It is useless to have a nice backpack if this is not prepared ad hoc for the trip. A good backpack must be cleverly roomy, with specific pockets, zippers and separators for every need.

Now that you know the necessary tips for buying a good travel backpack, we leave you the selection of our favorite travel backpacks.

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Eastpak backpack - L "ideal for traveling by plane


A favorite among young people, the Eastpak backpack is ideal for traveling by plane. If you are looking for adventures on the other side of the continent, this is the best option!

✓ IDEAL SIZE - It is specially created to be accepted in the cabin by any airline. It has a volume of 38 liters.
✓ LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighs only 699 grams and is verified by Amazon. Great to take with you all day!
✓ COMFORTABLE - it has padded shoulder straps and a quilted backrest to carry it comfortably even when it's heavy.
✓ SAFE - Has all pockets with zipper closure, so you don't run the risk of losing any of your personal items.
✓ VERSATILE - This model is specifically black, but Amazon offers several more vibrant colors.

On offer on Amazon at € 58.30 (30% discount)

The North Face Backpack - L "ideal for traveling by plane


The main feature of this The North Face backpack is versatility. It is a model initially created to accompany you on trekking or outdoor walks, but it is not limited to just these functions. Besides the fact that it is a beautiful model with elegant colors, these are the other features we like about this article:

✓ LARGE - It has a capacity of 40 liters
✓ EQUIPPED - Has a pocket suitable for carrying the computer and which can also be used to store important documents such as passport.
✓ QUALITY - The North Face brand is known worldwide for its quality

On offer on Amazon at € 59.95 (20% discount)

VEESUN backpack - The safest to avoid theft


Theft is our main concern when we are around the world: we frequent places full of people, we use public transport and in some cases we sleep in many different places. Therefore it is natural to fear that something will be stolen from us. Considering this, we propose the VEESUN model:

✓ COMFORTABLE - It has padded shoulder straps and a knitted back padding to make your backpack feel lighter.
✓ ANTI-THEFT BACKPACK - Its zippers are completely hidden in the back of the backpack, so you can protect your belongings.
✓ DURABLE - It is made with a waterproof fabric and lined with polyester. Great for humid or tropical climates.
✓ MODERN - It has a very convenient external USB charging port.
✓ EQUIPPED - It has a large main compartment with a padded pocket to protect your computer and several smaller pockets that can help you organize the items inside the bag well. It has two external pockets for storing the most used items during the day.

On offer on Amazon at € 35.99 (30% discount)

EverVanz Backpack - The vintage style


If you are the type of woman who really enjoys traveling, but you like to keep up with the times, why not find a comfortable travel backpack in a vintage style? This model from EverVanz is another one of our favorites.

✓ VERSATILE - This backpack is ideal for both travel and outdoor activities, as well as for work. Perfect for both men and women.
✓ SPACIOUS - Large front pocket for everyday items. The interior includes 2 pockets. Capacity: 20-35L.
✓ STYLISH DESIGN - Flap with 2 magnetic buckles and drawstring closure. Padded and easily adjustable shoulder straps. Lining printed with vertical stripes.
✓ TRENDY - Vintage style backpack available in different colors or exclusive patterns.
✓ WARRANTY - EverVanz offers a 12 month warranty.

On offer on Amazon at € 39.99 (50% discount) <

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