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The "tools" for making love linked

- The handcuffs: whether they are a faithful copy of those used by the police, or that they are covered in pink fur, they are indispensable for this kind of practice!

- Ropes and laces: if you do not have handcuffs available, simple laces can also work, as long as they are not tied too tightly.

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- The belts: less practical to tie the wrists well, they give a slightly sadomasochistic nuance to the sexual act ... not recommended for those who love tenderness!

Here is also, below a video that shows some erotic practices to experiment with your him ...

The best locations

- The missionary: do you like being passive? With your feet and hands tied you will like it even more and you will see that your man will appreciate it too: he will feel omnipotent because he can take care of your body as he wants and will get aroused in no time.

- The doggie: from behind, with your hands tied, you will have no control over the situation ... Your partner is likely to appreciate his new role as dominant male!

- The cunnilingus: your partner will finally be able to give you oral caresses in complete tranquility, without finding your hands over your eyes or your legs wrapped around your neck. Guaranteed pleasure!

Some staging

- The kidnapping: to make it even more exciting, why not reproduce a scene from a movie? If your man is a good actor, you may not want to be untied anymore ...

- The prison: who can resist the charm of a policeman's uniform? And if you have handcuffs on hand, your night behind bars will be a memorable one!

What if he was tied up?

After all, we are in the 21st century, and the man does not have to be the dominator: show your partner that you too know how to take the situation in hand! You will see that he will like not being in control of the situation and letting you do it.

If he is tied up, the Amazon and fellatio are the most suitable positions, but you can also simply kiss and caress him all over his body ... show him who's in charge!

The precautions to be taken

- Never push someone to play this kind of erotic game by force and don't force yourself if you don't feel like it. Avoid it especially if you suffer from claustrophobia, if you have panic attacks at the idea of ​​feeling a prisoner or if it is the first time you are making love with a new partner.

- Don't forget to let yourself be untied before falling asleep: laces that are too tight can block blood circulation and cause cramps or a feeling of heaviness.

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