An experiment reveals to what extent mother and daughter can resemble each other (photo)

'If you want to know what a girl will look like when she grows up, just look at her mother": how many times have we heard this phrase? And" really so? The site Daily Mail he wanted to clarify the matter and, to do so, he asked for help from 5 "mother-daughter" couples. Thanks to a graphic designer he merged their photos and the results ... are truly amazing!

© Daily Mail Josie, 48, and her daughter Jodie, 24

'My mother never hid her fear of growing old from me but I would like her to see herself as beautiful as I do. I love the fact that we look so alike, it makes me less afraid of the future": these are the words of Jodie, 24, about her mother Josie, 48.

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"Whenever someone notices a similarity, Mom always says it's a terrible thing for me but if I could look like her when I grow up it would be great! She has beautiful skin and I am a little jealous as the first wrinkles start to show."says Clemmie, 30, of her 62-year-old mother Sara.

This simple experiment quickly turned into a wonderful opportunity to open one's hearts! Although we are not all mothers, we have been children. It will not be difficult to understand what indissoluble bond can be established between mother and child. And this baby is the expression of it. A baby of a few months who, even if not yet able to speak, is able to be moved by hearing his mother singing ...

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