5 secrets about male masturbation you need to know (for peace of mind!)

Masturbation is one of the first sexual activities to be approached, even at a young age. Women and men consider it differently and, if we women try to keep it hidden, it becomes the object of gossip and jokes for men. Even when we get engaged, we experience masturbation as a couple but we know perfectly well that our partners continue to masturbate "secretly". And this thing, if we think about it without rationality, can freak us out! Well, let's discover together 5 secrets on male erection that will make us feel more serene

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1. First good news: masturbation is not as good for the body as intercourse

According to Tobias S. Köhler, an associate professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, not all orgasms are generated equally. In fact, sexual intercourse has various types of benefits for men: for blood pressure, for the heart, for the prostate, for joint pain and more. The same benefits are not the result of masturbation. In short, the benefits alone are literally minor. Why would it make a difference if you ejaculate during sex or alone? Nobody knows exactly the causes. But the body seems to respond differently. The erection can be different and even the color of the semen is slightly different if you masturbate instead of having sex. So, dear friends, you finally have a solid motivation to force him to come to bed, solo does not perform like a couple! some suggestions to get started on the right foot

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2. Beware, masturbation is not without its risks

Of course, it's low risk, it's the safest form of sex possible. But like other low-risk activities (chewing, walking), it still has some. Frequent or rough masturbation can result in minor skin irritation. Forcefully bending an erect penis can cause the blood-carrying chambers to rupture, a rare but terrible condition called a "penile fracture". The scholar Köhler visited some boys after vigorous masturbation and the penis looked like an eggplant, purple and swollen. Most men need surgery to repair. Sure girls, penis rupture could also be the result of your impetuousness and not just hers, but at that point, if it has to break, isn't it better that it happens because of your unstoppable passion?

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3. There is no limit to masturbation, or almost

Guys can have problems if they masturbate too much. But it's not how many times you masturbate in a week (or day) that matters, according to Logan Levkoff, a sexologist and sex educator, it's how the activity fits into your life. If he masturbates many times a day and has a healthy and satisfying life, good for him and for you too. But if masturbating many times a day even becomes a distraction at work or giving up sex, consider a few sessions with a sex therapist. Compulsive masturbation in this case is like any behavior that interferes with life - whether you play poker compulsively or check social media every minute. Clearly you will have to help him recognize and accept that he has a problem, a problem that would also affect you, it is obvious. For the rest, instead, it is better to let them vent their fantasies even alone, as we do now… until we run out of our boils together, between the sheets!

4. Relax: masturbation does not affect intercourse

Levkoff says the most damaging myth about male masturbation is that it's a sign that something is wrong with a relationship. The fact is, most guys masturbate. They masturbate if they are single, in a difficult relationship, or in a perfect relationship. It's just something that has nothing to do with partners. Masturbation isn't just about sex. For many, it's a routine way to relieve stress, clear their heads before work or go to sleep. So it must not be a reason for quarrels or insecurities on the part of the partners, but rather it must be understood and experienced as a personal and intimate moment of well-being, not shared.

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5. And above all ... masturbation improves sex life

Masturbation can help your sex life, as guys learn from it what they want during sex. Women would probably also be more sexually satisfied in their relationships if they masturbated as much as men. Are there any exceptions? Some guys are so conditioned by a certain sensation during masturbation or by the stimulation given by porn that they cannot feel comfortable with their partner. In any case, these guys are the exception. For the vast majority of men, masturbation is a healthy thing. It usually creates more concern for a guy who has stopped masturbating - which can be a sign of anxiety or health problems - than a guy who does it regularly. So, friends, let them go free, because every space granted to them will not only be one given back to you, but also the possibility of improving your life as a couple, experiencing something new, like this.