Always on the run? Here are 5 beauty secrets for all busy moms!

We know: life is difficult, but that of a mother, at times, is almost impossible!
Waking up the whole family, taking the children to school, going to work, accompanying your puppies to the pool, cooking for everyone. In short, the hours of your day never seem to be enough!
But how about taking some time for yourself?
Unfortunately, you don't always have time for long sessions at the beautician or hairdresser, or to lock yourself in the bathroom before going out and transforming the house into a small spa!

That's why we have thought of 5 practical tips to always be at the top, even when you have very little time to get ready, be careful to keep these precious beauty secrets always in your bag!

1. Dry shampoo

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Dry shampoo is the best friend of all women, but especially mothers!
Between a thousand runs and lots of pampering for your children, your clean hair is short-lived!
That's why with this very fragrant shampoo from Batiste, it will only take a few minutes in the morning: you spray it, hold it up while you brush your teeth and then brush. Et voila! Clean hair in an instant!

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2. The smoothing brush


Solved the problem of dirty hair, how can you style it in a few minutes?
Here's how: you just need a straightening brush like this one from Imetec.
After warming up, brush your hair like a regular brush, only the straightening brush will remove frizz from your hair, leaving it soft and perfectly styled!

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3. The spray dye

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Going to the hairdresser is a real pleasure!
But when you have children, we always have the minutes! If while waiting for your session at the hairdresser, your regrowth is a disaster, you can resort to a retouching spray, for the roots, like this one from L "Oreal! You will be in order until the next shampoo!

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4. The eyeliner with the stencil


Are you a "make-up lover but have very little time for make-up before going out (or for your puppies to take over your beauty)?
Here is a really brilliant idea: say goodbye to the hours lost in front of the mirror, trying to equalize the eyeliner from one eye to the other. You can finally put it on in an instant, simply by placing the mold in the shape of a tail on the outer corner. of your eyes!

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5. Spray dries nail polish


Nothing is more annoying than putting your nail polish on and ruining it before it dries completely.
And when there are children around the house, drying the enamel becomes a titanic undertaking!
But we have a solution: a spray to spray on the freshly made manicure to halve the drying time. Goodbye neglected hands!

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