How to fight wrinkles: tips for younger and more toned skin!

There are many factors that can in some way damage the skin on our face and promote the appearance of wrinkles: the passage of time, pollution, poor nutrition, an unhealthy lifestyle, stress and even negative emotions.

However, there are also some effective remedies that can help us have - and maintain - a young and toned skin for longer.
Here are the main ones.

1. Don't neglect the beauty routine

By now you should know the gestures of a good beauty routine by heart but, if it is true that at 20, even if some of these are occasionally neglected, it does not cause great damage, exceeding 30 it becomes very important not to forget any step, so let's review the good habits.
Morning and evening always remember to clean the skin to eliminate impurities, dirt and what is deposited on the epidermis during the day. The detoxifying detergents are excellent which, in addition to eliminating accumulated toxins, favor a perfect cleaning, essential for creams applied subsequently penetrate deeper and perform their function better.
After the cleanser, we move on to the tonic, which closes the pores and gives a burst of energy, followed by serum and day / night cream. Once or twice a week make a mask, moisturizing, energizing, detoxifying, illuminating or purifying, depending on the needs of your epidermis, and once a week it is also a good habit to make a scrub, which eliminates dead cells and helps to have a uniform complexion.

In this video we explain how to prepare an excellent effective natural scrub.

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2. Choose the right wrinkle cream

Filling, smoothing and moisturizing action: these are the functions that an "excellent anti-wrinkle cream must have.
Over the years, the skin thins, loses elasticity and micro-wrinkles and wrinkles are formed more and more evident. To combat them effectively, treatments are needed that act in a targeted way and at the same time pleasantly take care of the skin.
Just like Somatoline Lift Effect 4D, a line of anti-wrinkles with "filler" action which, thanks to the exclusive Filler Complex, acts in 2 stages for double effectiveness: an immediate filling action and the visible reduction of the 4 dimensions of wrinkles - quantity , breadth, depth and dryness - after 4 weeks of treatment.

The formulations of the new Somatoline Cosmetic Lift Effect 4D Anti-Wrinkle Filler line contain specific complexes enriched in: filler polymer, which smoothes the skin with an immediate smoothing and filling action, hyaluronic acid, which, creating a protective film that preserves water loss , moisturizes the skin in depth and on the surface, and an active molecule on the microcirculation, which exerts an effective skin micro-massage favoring oxygenation and nourishment of the skin.

Furthermore, the new Lift Effect 4D line makes the beauty routine pleasant thanks to an innovative and light texture, able to blend with the skin for maximum sensory comfort, and a delicate flowery fragrance.

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3. Do facial gymnastics to prevent wrinkles

Sport is in fashion and gymnastics for the face too. If we train the muscles of the rest of the body, why should we forget those of the face?
A few minutes a day of self-massage and facial movements are enough to strengthen the muscles and tissues of the face.
For example for a smooth forehead and toned eyelids try frowning, frowning, as if imitating a "pouting" face and count to 10. Then relax your face and raise your eyebrows opening your eyes wide. Repeat the whole cycle 10 times.

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4. Nourish nutrition for younger looking skin for longer

When we talk about young, toned, radiant and beautiful skin, we certainly cannot forget the fundamental role played by a balanced diet, which includes good quality proteins, healthy fats, whole carbohydrates, raw fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds.
Among the foods that certainly help our skin to stay young we find buckwheat, rich in rutin, the omega 3 found in oily fish and salmon, and the omega 6 present in dried fruit, especially walnuts.
Finally, don't forget to drink at least 1 and a half liters of water a day, preferably on an empty stomach to have a purifying effect on the skin.

You can find other useful foods for healthy and beautiful skin in this gallery!

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5. Eliminate bad habits

Of course, if you smoke, you must stop immediately because the toxic substances contained in the cigarette enter the circulation and harm all organs, including the skin, which suddenly ages. By quitting smoking, your skin improves and in the first few weeks you will notice the difference.

Even tensions are the enemy of beauty and a toned and young skin, in fact they give us a hard, rigid and dull look. If avoiding them completely is not possible, you can however learn to manage them better and not be overwhelmed. How? With yoga , autogenic training, a relaxing hobby ... Find the technique that helps you the most and find serenity, inside and out.

Finally, we know that a nice tan is very popular, but the fact that we cannot overlook is that the sun ages a lot. If you want to avoid premature skin aging, expose yourself in moderation and in any case use adequate sun protection (even in the city), renewing them frequently, especially in the central hours of the day.

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