Sexually incompatible? 10 signs that will help you understand it

If even 5 of the things listed happen to you while having sex with your partner, you may need to reconsider your relationship. Today the story is quite confusing: a close friend can become an adventure companion between the sheets, a bed partner can ask for your hand or a bed friend can be resized to a basic friend. But how do you know if it's really worth it? Everything depends on the erotic charge that is established between you, which should inflame you and push you between the legs of the other. Because good sex could have many benefits - watch the video to find out - but if it's not well done, what's the point?

1. There is no naturalness when you have sex

Without spontaneity everything becomes very mechanical. You end up having sex as if it were a scheduled doctor's appointment. Unfortunately for you it is not a game where you are the patient and he is the dirty gynecologist, it is more like a visit to the pediatrician, without a lollipop as a reward ...

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2. If you talk about sex, you find that you have no sexual fantasies in common

No erotic games to share: the passion is destined to die out. Not only does it take the spice out of your carbonara, but the end of sexual desire is as certain as the end of your savings during the sales.

3. You don't like the same positions during sex

You try to impose the position of 69, he raises with the wheelbarrow: things do not go, because a position that makes you enjoy so much, takes him down, and vice versa. You can't talk about two different tongues in bed, unless they are used for other purposes, and that doesn't seem like you to me.

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4. Have sex only on special occasions

Birthdays, holidays, name days. How does sexual activity turn into an occasional event? It is not clear why, but it seems that it becomes a prize, to be given only to those who reach the lucky date. And if that day you get drunk and fall asleep before unwrapping the gift You lost: past the saint, past the party.

5. At the end of intercourse you never reach orgasm

He stares at you dazed and you have to work for him to reach the happy conclusion? It is called masturbation, and you can do this activity quietly alone.

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6. While having sex you would like to check your cell phone

Yes, he's standing there waving at you, while you want to know if your sister has managed to meet that guy? Sneak a glance at your cell phone to see if there are any messages, what time is it, if an alarm is about to go off? Maybe you need the alarm clock: this is a DNR, not to be revived.

7. You can hardly find your own rhythm while having sex

You push your pelvis and he pulls it away, he pushes and you pull back: there is no rhythm in the song, everything is broken up and no, it doesn't sound like a jazz tune. It looks more like your mom singing in English while she's taking a shower. .. and just like in that moment, you want nothing more than its end.

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8. You are never aroused at the same time to have sex

When you have a peak of desire and you rub your breasts on him, he replies that he is too tired. If he starts stroking your thigh, you have a headache. You are never excited at the same time. As if he wanted to see a horror film while you a documentary, and in the end one is left with the remote control and the TV and the other is in bed with the PC: no sharing, no communication, no feeling, no sex.

9. You don't have the same need to have sex

Him once a day, you once a week: no meeting points. The personal relationship with sexuality must have a meeting point with the partner, otherwise one of the two will always be dissatisfied and will go to seek pleasure elsewhere. If no one compromises, what's the point of a relationship?

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10. Your best friend has clearly told you that you are not meant to have sex together

If she tells you that things are wrong because you are sexually dissatisfied, don't tell her she is a false envious and then come back to her three months later to apologize (after cheating on your man with that Brazilian bartender who works downstairs). In silence you come to this observation: if my best friend is telling me this, the skin of my visa must be very little relaxed.

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