Women in communication: interview with Elisabetta Corazza from Danone

Coming of age is certainly an important milestone, both for a person and for a brand and, in this very particular case, for ours.
As the female turns 18, we have decided to start a Women Empowerment project that focuses on women who work in the field of communication.
Elisabetta Corazza, Head of Digital marketing Italy and Greece at Danone, answered 5 significant questions for us, telling us about the importance of communicating the value of being themselves to the new generations.

1. What is "being a woman" like in the world of work?

I really enjoy being a woman in the world of work and I love working with women a lot, even though mixed and balanced environments are certainly the healthiest. Danone is a company at the forefront of inclusion and equal opportunity policies and is a workplace in which "being a woman" is valued but, looking at the world, the situation is unfortunately not so rosy.

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2. What was "women empowerment" at 18 for you?

It was a huge belief in one's own identity. At 18 you have all the possibilities, even if you have a lot of insecurities, and you can choose who you are. We must start from who we are, a young woman with so much potential and who must learn to possess this awareness. And it is we mature women who have to bring this awareness out of the younger ones. I know this from experience, because I work with young people aged 25 to 30, and our role is fundamental.

3. Three words you associate today with "women empowerment"

Freedom, which is also a legacy won by previous generations of women and which must be defended. Joy and I believe also commitment, which however comes with time.

4. What would you recommend to the 18-year-old you?

This is a tough question. I try to remember myself at 18: from Milan, I lived in an urban context, frequenting city environments.At 18 I was very ideological, a little bit about everything. There was no gray, and I must say that this has been going on for several years. To the 18-year-old me I would recommend having some nuances. Even today I am very determined, but I have learned that there is a scale of infinite shades. I would tell her to be more self-confident, and to be a little less homologated because the group at 18 is a security, a strength, but it also prevents the expression of one's individuality.

5. How much need is there today to talk about women empowerment and what should be done?

It is needed because I believe that young women have a lot of potential but they don't realize it. The role of older women is to be a guide for them. Teach them to be themselves and to value differences. We are not all the same, and there is a difference between men and women that we need to take into consideration. Hence to say that women are better than men is excessive, but it is undeniable that we have a great capacity linked to care, which women are able to apply at work, at home, with their partner, with children, friends, children's friends. An enormous capacity that we must pass on to the youngest.

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