Editor's Advice: 7 Reasons Why You Should Try Dove Shower Mousse Now!

If you are used to taking super-fast showers and with limited minutes to fit all the commitments of the day, maybe you are missing something. In fact, the moment of the shower hides infinite potential and a great secret: the possibility of taking care of yourself in complete relaxation, leaving everything and everyone out. For this to happen, however, not only is it necessary to have the right attitude, but also to choose a product that honors our small and precious daily beauty moment. We have discovered a real gem, able to make the shower a super relaxing and regenerating cuddle that you will no longer be able to do without.

Dove Shower Mousse and our 7 reasons to choose it - and never leave it again!

It is called Dove Mousse Doccia and it is the new creation of Dove, which has seen fit to give us a soft, effective and super moisturizing product that adequately accompanies our daily showers and makes us even more beautiful. But that's not all: there are 7 reasons why we would not only choose it again, but we will never abandon it anymore!

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1. Leaves the skin soft

It makes the skin soft, soft and velvety. In fact, with its creamy consistency, it leaves the skin soft for a long time and deeply nourishes it, making it perfect even for the driest skin or with a tendency to dry out. The mousse formula also makes application of the product pleasant, an ideal condition for those who need to properly nourish the skin and give it the right nourishment.

2. It is scented

This aspect deserves second place! That's right: although perfume can often be considered a secondary requirement, we assure you that taking a shower and being greeted by a very pleasant scented cloud, has a completely different flavor! You can choose between two different fragrances: rose oil or all ". argan oil. We admit that we have tried both, indeed, we use them according to the mood of the day: the rose, when we want a fresh touch of romance and delicacy for a super relaxing cuddle at the end of the day and the argan for the most sparkling days for a more energetic twist that takes us into an oriental atmosphere of a thousand and one nights.

3. It is soft and pleasant to the touch

Not only pleasant to the sense of smell, therefore, but also to the touch! A super soft and ethereal cloud that gives an immediate feeling of well-being as soon as it lands on our skin and caresses it.

4. The foam: playful and magical, it takes you back to childhood!

Just like a Proustian petite madeleine able to ferry you back in time, Dove Mousse Doccia and its white cloud of soft foam immediately bring you back to childhood and its playful and joyful atmospheres. How many times, as a child, have you tried to "build" "soft soap bubbles during the bath? Now you can play with clouds of foam or fake whipped cream to give yourself a moment of pure relaxation and an escape from your reality into a small world of enchantment and magic.

5. Makes the shower a more joyful time

Do you still think that the shower is only one of the obligatory steps of personal hygiene? Here, in fact. Instead, it is a moment of unprecedented pleasure and relaxation much closer to a ritual of physical and mental well-being, to regenerate in all respects and treat yourself to a moment of break all to yourself.

6. It is also suitable for comfortable use in the gym

If it is true that the shower can be experienced as a moment of mental as well as physical regeneration, Dove Mousse Doccia is also practical and very comfortable for quick use in the gym. Quick to apply thanks to the spray dispenser, it spreads easily and with a small spray it can be applied all over the body. It is the power of the mousse format!

7. Making the skin soft, it is also perfect for shaving in the shower!

And you no longer have to steal shaving cream from your sweetheart! Seriously, Dove Shower Mousse is also ideal for those moments of hair removal in the shower, which we women are so dear to. So why not take advantage of it since its super soft and delicate formula allows for a truly perfect shave? In short, as you may have understood, more than promoted! And now we can't wait to take another shower immersed in clouds of pleasure!