5 things to teach your dog absolutely

Living with an extra heart that wags its tail around you changes your life: all of a sudden you have to provide for the needs of someone who does not speak but who makes you understand in every way what their needs are (or needs, in some cases) .
Friendship between dogs and humans can truly be a cathartic and fun experience, especially if, like this illusionist, you know how to make the most of your time together ...

If you have a puppy, or a puppy, with whom you spend your days ... Here are the things you should teach him, so as to make your coexistence optimal.

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1. Sit down

First of all, with a dog it takes patience, whether it comes from a shop or it comes from a kennel. One of the first things to teach him is definitely to stay in his place, that is, do not try to run around once you get on the train or subway, do not unravel the house of a "friend who has kindly invited us to dinner and do not run away on the stairs. as soon as we open the door.
A sitting dog, even if briefly, is certainly safer than a dog running around undisturbed without a pair of eyes to watch over it!

2. Reply to your name

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As much as your dog, at certain times, resembles Superman's direct helper, it's good to put the record straight: if you call the dog in too many different ways, you confuse him.
One day it's Fido, the next Paco and the next it's Francesco. There will come a time when he will no longer know which name to answer and he will solve the problem by not answering you anymore. Call him by his name and make sure he gets back to you as soon as you want him by your side.

3. Leave

This is a command that could also save us from toxic relationships and, as far as our four-legged friends are concerned, it could really prove to be a lifesaver. Are you in the park and your puppy grabs something that could hurt him?
With a simple word you can avoid having to go for a wild ride to the vet!

4. Giving the paw

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This is a great way to bond and can certainly be fun for both of you. First of all, the dog must have learned to sit and remain seated and then, armed with a good dose of treats, you can start teaching him this basic command. : every time he does it, the prize will come!

5. Bring your slippers

This is one of the secret dreams of dog owners: forget your slippers and be aware that our friend will bring them to us. First of all it is necessary that the dog knows how to bring back the objects and then, once taught him the term "slippers" or "slippers", the important thing is that the same word is always used, it is the case to repeat, repeat and repeat !

Having a dog is certainly a commitment that is not for everyone, but it also gives many, many satisfactions: word of a star!

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