What happens if you don't put in airplane mode in flight?

The plane is a revolutionary means of transport, which however induces many to experience the journey with anxiety and agitation. Not only the choice of seat on the plane, but also what you wear on the plane, take-off and landing are always a bit delicate moments. . These include the "warning to" turn off electronic equipment or to select airplane mode ", which leads you to convulsively write" I'm leaving, see you later "to all the Whatsapp contacts you hear every day, just to be sure you have informed all before disconnecting from the world. But what would happen if I left my cell phone active? Maybe interference like this ...

Why the cell phone must be turned off

The reason for this imposition during the flight and the take-off and landing phases is one: you know when a telephone is near another electronic device such as a TV or radio and that interference noise is emitted? Even in airplanes, the presence of a mobile phone turned on can disturb the radio communications of the pilots. The interference that such a high number of active cell phones generates could prevent or complicate communications and create more important problems. When the cell phone is switched on, in fact, the UMTS, LTE and GSM mobile communication systems are active and the cell phone is in continuous network search, emitting the famous disturbing noise. So for your safety, it is always better to disconnect from the world for a while, less interference even with thoughts.

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