What to treat yourself at Christmas: 5 perfect gifts for you and your him!

Every year, as Christmas approaches, do you find it difficult to choose the gift to give to your boyfriend? Don't worry, it is a classic, common to many women, always looking for new ideas to amaze your man with a gift thought and made with the heart. This year we want to try to help you by offering you some suggestive and alternative idea, able to amaze your sweetheart and involve you too! That's right, below you can find 5 perfect gift ideas for the couple to spend a Christmas full of magic and complicity that will be remembered.

1. A long romantic weekend full of magic!

A nice trip does not only mean visiting new and wonderful places, but also giving yourself precious time and allowing yourself to enjoy it in serenity to do what you love, away from obligations, commitments and hectic pace. Take advantage of this magical moment of the year to dedicate to yourself and your sweetheart a long romantic weekend in a special place that you would like to visit. Think about the destinations that both of you might like and plan a few days in total relaxation to share with It is not necessary to spend a fortune, even three or four days in a place near home can be enough to take advantage of the Christmas holidays and enjoy a "magical and warm atmosphere, forgetting everything and everyone for a while".

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2. A beauty gift for moments of relaxation and self-care

Relaxation also means thinking about yourself and treating yourself to moments of self-care to live in total tranquility. Taking care of yourself and your body is one of the simplest and most immediate ways to allow ourselves to disconnect from everyday life and rediscover a detox and regenerating moment that allows us to fully enjoy our most intimate and precious time. A nice shower, a few candles and a little background music are a real panacea and have a miraculous power on our body and our mind. Not only us women, but also men are increasingly attentive to these small gestures of well-being daily that recharge us and make us feel better about ourselves and our body So ​​why not take advantage of it?

The Braun MultiGroomer MGK3085 razor, for example, is a perfect idea to impress your him at Christmas. It is an innovative all-in-one trimmer, offering 9 distinct features for a flawless and effortless shave of face and body. It also allows you to achieve the beard styling you prefer, thanks to the precision trimmer and the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with FlexBall technology, and to cut your hair with ease, thanks to an intelligent hair clipper comb that guarantees maximum precision and control. , the Wet & Dry technology of which it is composed, allows for maximum flexibility and safe use even in the shower for greater comfort and easier use. With a single gift, you can satisfy many of your needs, making the ritual of the beard and self-care a real moment of pleasure.

And now, let's think about you too. Braun has created Silk-épil 9, a razor with a thousand functions that, in addition to guaranteeing a perfect shave - even on very short hair - allows you to exfoliate, massage and cleanse, combining functionality, effectiveness and pleasure. Equipped with the new SensoSmartTM technology, it allows you to epilate with optimal pressure, thanks to the light signal that indicates when the pressure is excessive, so as to remove even more hair. In addition, the MicroGrip tweezers technology allows you to remove even the shortest hairs that wax cannot capture (up to 0.5mm); a real revolution for us women: in this way, in fact, it is not necessary to wait for the total regrowth of the hair to perform the waxing, but you can intervene at any time, obtaining excellent results and without going to the beautician. But that's not all: you can also use it comfortably in the bath or shower, thanks to the Wet & Dry technology, for a more delicate epilation.

As we said, in addition to shaving and depilating, it gently massages, exfoliates and cleanses. The massage head of which it is composed stimulates blood circulation thanks to 60 soft silicone tips and helps to improve the appearance of the skin, making it more toned and luminous. The Sonic Exfoliation Technology visibly refines the skin with 3,000 micro- vibrations per minute guaranteeing a deeper exfoliation, acting 6 times better than a manual scrub and thus removing more dead cells and reducing ingrown hair.

3. A day in a SPA for two

To escape from the daily routine and experience a moment of intense well-being, you can choose a "full day in a SPA. What is better than a detox and regenerating day to completely relax and regain strength, after the stressful period that precedes? the holidays? Let yourself be pampered by treatments, relaxing massages and a sweet idleness, immersed in the warm thermal waters for hours of pure relaxation to share with your sweetheart.
Maybe choose a structure in a mountain location: the snowy landscape and the warm atmosphere of the SPA will create a suggestive feeling full of magic.

4. A dinner in a starred restaurant

If you are a "lover of good food and your boyfriend loves to eat, you can take advantage of it for a gift with all the trimmings that will make a great impression and will also satisfy your palate: a dinner for two in a starred restaurant. You will live a" 360 ° experience that it will satisfy your senses and allow you to dedicate a moment to yourself, recreating the atmosphere of a romantic first date by candlelight.

5. A dance class for two

A perfect gift that will make you even more accomplices and increase your understanding, making you have fun at the same time, is a dance course for two. Why not choose tango, a sensual and suggestive interlacing game, or a swing course for a vintage and lively touch to unleash your most creative side and explore body language and its potential. It will be an original and fun experience that will enrich the bond that unites you with a thousand nuances and new perspectives, while allowing you to spend a moment of escape full of novelties and new stimuli. The dance after all, especially if lived as a couple, can give a lot of emotions, as well as being a great way to escape from the routine and daily commitments and its rhythms, letting yourself be transported in a suspended and timeless atmosphere.

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