Do you love sporty chic style? Here are the essentials that should not be missing in your wardrobe

The sporty chic look is one of the most loved and followed trends these days, as we told you here. It is not simply the taste of combining sneakers with an elegant look, but it consists of a certain skill in mixing elements of the elegant and formal wardrobe with elements borrowed from the world of sports.

Below you can see some perfect examples of sporty chic from which to take inspiration ...

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But what are the essential items that should not be missing in the wardrobe of any lover of this style? And above all, how to get this look with just a few items and without spending a fortune? Simple, with a few crucial elements that you can wear and combine in rotation, that work for any occasion and give you that elegant yet comfortable style you are looking for. Here are the essentials in your sporty chic wardrobe.

1. Sneakers and running shoes

The first element not to be forgotten to make an elegant look sporty are sneakers and running shoes. Of course, for your style to be sporty chic, it is important to know how to combine them with the right look: try wearing sneakers with cigarette trousers and a shaped jacket, or, if you prefer to be more daring, experiment with a perfect skirt suit with colorful running shoes. The effect may pleasantly surprise you.

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2. Sports pants and leggings

As for the pants, you have different choices according to how you choose to match them. For example, if you choose to wear more or less revisited leggings or sweatpants (perhaps made more glamorous and decorated, but with a clear sporty cut), it will be better to avoid wearing them with sneakers, because you will need chic elements to balance the your look. You can always decide to be sporty from the waist down, and chic at the top of your look, but it would create the wrong effect. Better practice the ability to mix everything: you may find that sports pants together with heels are perfect! With elegant trousers, however, you are free to wear sneakers and running.

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3. Sweatshirts and sporty tops

For sweatshirts and tops from the sports world, the same rule applies as for trousers: a sporty garment must be combined with something more chic and formal. If you're wearing a fitted crop top, similar to an athlete's, you could pair it with a fitted jacket or trouser suit. If you choose a sweatshirt, a good match could be with a midi skirt and sandals or boots with heels ... Discover below the essentials of this category, easy to combine for different sporty chic looks.

© Farfetch Alexandre Vauthier sports sweatshirt

4. Robe or oversized coats

Here is an essential item of the sporty chic look that might surprise you: the coat tied at the waist in the oversize variant. Although the coat may seem chic at first glance, in reality the ones we recommend here are also sporty, unstructured, and go very well with a complex look like this. Oversized coats tied at the waist, also called dressing gowns, create that soft and relaxed look that is often associated with sporty chic, made up of wide and comfortable trousers, wide shoes like running shoes, and in general an alternating game of wide and snug that creates the best surprises. Here are the ideal coats for sporty chic.

© Asos Asos Collection lace-up coat

5. Bomber

For the outerwear chapter, the bomber deserves a separate discussion. Legacy of American sports associations, it soon became a cult of sports enthusiasts and more, learning about street style closer to rock but also preppy style. For sporty chic, therefore, the bomber is an inevitable element, and it does everything by itself: just combine it with a formal and elegant look and you're done. If, on the other hand, you don't like simple things, try mixing it with sports pants, having fun looking for the balance in glamorous accessories such as a clutch bag or sandals with heels.

© Farfetch Veronica Beard bomber jacket

6. Backpacks and caps

If you are looking for a sporty touch in accessories, the ideal is to choose backpacks instead of bags: even the great designers have discovered backpacks, and they propose each model, which already has a touch of chic in sportswear. about hats instead, choose wool beanies or classic men's caps with visor.It will be the casual or sporty touch in your formal look, surprising without overdoing it.

© Farfetch Valentino backpack

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