Menstrual cup on Amazon: find the one that's right for you

Economical, hygienic and ecological, menstrual cups are revolutionizing the intimate hygiene of women during menstrual periods. It is a trend that grows every month and is conquering women who are looking for a greener lifestyle. Considering that a woman uses on average 2 or 3 disposable sanitary pads a day, it is easy to conclude that sanitary pads are among the major causes of environmental pollution.

Usually made of hypoallergenic surgical silicone, menstrual cups are a hygienic and practical way to contain the blood of the menstrual periods without the total absorption of vaginal fluids: a common disposable tampon absorbs in addition to the blood, the vaginal mucus which is essential. for the protection of the internal mucosa and the fight against infections.

There are different types of brands of menstrual cups available on the market and since this is a delicate matter, it is very important to pay attention mainly to the quality of the materials and to be careful to find the model that best suits your needs.

Menstrual cups: the measures

Our body changes over the years and along with the changes come new needs. It is very important to know from the beginning the tone, depth and sensitivity of your vagina to know exactly the size, pattern and texture of the material of your menstrual cup, for example: if you are a girl who often feels menstrual pain and has a great sensitivity to the touch, it is important to find a model in soft silicone, with thinner edges and with a more delicate stem end. If, on the other hand, you feel that your vaginal canal is rather short, a larger menstrual cup with a short stem may be the case for you.

Another very important thing to consider is the stage of life. Menstrual cup manufacturers usually produce 2 different sizes that adapt to every moment of a woman's life:

  • Smaller size: made for women under 35 and / or who have not yet given birth
  • Larger size: made for women over the age of 35 and / or who have already given birth

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How to put on the menstrual cup?

There are different methods for inserting the menstrual cup, to understand which one is yours, watch our video tutorial with all the techniques and discover the models of menstrual cups on offer on Amazon.

Mamicup® menstrual cup: the best-selling

The Mamicup® menstrual cup is an Amazon bestseller with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and with more than 364 customer reviews (almost all positive). Made of CE and FDA certified medical silicone, it is totally hypoallergenic, free of LATEX and PHTHALATES and offers three times more autonomy than a traditional sanitary pad or tampon. Its soft design and delicate stem makes this menstrual cup more suitable for all women.

© Buy on Amazon for € 19.90

Rainbowcup menstrual cup: for those with very sensitive vaginal walls

The Rainbow menstrual cup is famous for being very comfortable and suitable for women who have a lot of sensitivity, mainly during the menstrual period. The edges are thin and light and the stem is long, which makes it easier to remove the cup. This is the cheapest model on the list, but no less reliable: it has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 and 200 positive reviews on Amazon.

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Athena Cup menstrual cup: for women with a shorter vaginal canal

Athena is ideal for women who have already tried a menstrual cup and found themselves wrong with the removal stem. It is also suitable for women who have a slightly shorter vaginal canal and need a large cup, but with a smaller stem. Since the cup is larger, it has up to 12 hours of autonomy without the risk of leaks!

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Merula Cup menstrual cup: for modern women

If you like the most innovative design, you will surely be happy with the Merula Cup silicone menstrual cup. Its round design allows it to hold more blood without the risk of leakage and its ladder-shaped stem makes removal easier. . And the most interesting thing? The black color that "hides" any stains caused by continuous contact with blood.

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Lybera menstrual cup: the best equipped

Women who love beauty rituals and tools that enhance personal care will love the Lybera set! In addition to the classic menstrual cup, already known by many women for its quality and practicality, this kit contains a 2-in-1 alcohol-free sanitizing spray: it can be used both for cup sanitation and as a hand cleaner in the In case you have any emergency in the middle of the day, you will also receive a free bag to keep your cup protected while you are not using it.


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