Do sex and intellect get along?

The article, entitled Sex, status, and reproductive success in the contemporary United States, investigates how intelligence and socio-economic status affect a man's sexual life.

In the words of Dr. Hopcroft, "Intelligence is negatively associated with" sexual activity ". The result leaves everyone speechless also because research claims that those who are smarter have less sex.

The conclusion not only affects career men, but also affects i teenager: the study by the University of North Carolina at Chaperl Hill also examined the adolescent range and noted that the brightest boys not only remain virgins after the age of majority, but also arrive later than their less "brainy" peers to give the first kiss.

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A result that is not shocking if we think of the survey of the National Survey of Family Growth, which compares education to the number of partners: the higher the academic performance, the lower the number of boyfriends over the years.

The first reason, perhaps too obvious, is that if you want to make a career or want to have a good curriculum you have to devote most of your time to studying, in short, it is better to read Dante's Divine Comedy than to go out with friends.

An explanation of a Darwinian nature is hypothesized by the evolutionist psychologist Aurelio José Figueredo who explains: "Those who are more intelligent have developed more resources, thus allowing them to give up frequent sexual activity because if they had a child they would have accumulated more resources to dedicate and transmit to him".

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