5 healthy habits that also improve memory

Do you remember all your shoes by heart but forget more and more often where you park your car? Sudoku is not enough. Having a healthy lifestyle does not only mean feeling better with your body, but also and above all with your mind! Here are 5 habits that will improve not only your lifestyle but also your memory! Meanwhile, watch the video to see something that will indirectly do really good for your habits and your memory:

1. Train and tone body and mind

If there are habits that you believe are healthy but aren't, well, training is really good. Among other things, it improves memory! A recent study shows that older people who have been exercising experience improvements in memory and cognitive abilities. So bye bye sofa: welcome activity and sweat.

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2. Less alcohol and more vegetables

In short, that's right, it's not like you have to follow a diet. But do not overdo alcohol and increasing the vegetables in your diet will not only be healthy for the intake of fiber and vitamins and for the reduction of cellulite. Your memory will also benefit from a healthier lifestyle, especially if you avoid overdoing it with wine, beer and drinks which instead weaken it in the long run. Go with green leaves and cut your good nights down to Saturday nights.

3. Meditate and meditate

Meditation is not only beneficial for managing anxiety and stress (and that doesn't seem like a little!). Having the habit of meditating is beneficial for relaxing the body, but also for the mind and specifically helps to increase memory. Even starting from the simple control of breathing, counting exercises and relaxation with listening to sounds you can improve day -by-day one's memory, as well as one's self-control!

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4. Drink (not too much) coffee

Any excess is never healthy, we know, and this is also true with our beloved coffee. Yet there are many benefits enclosed in the lifesaving cup of coffee, and among them it actually improves memory. In fact, caffeine, in addition to making us more alert, focused and quick to process information, also helps to memorize better and longer.

5. Rest and sleep!

Don't touch sleep, it's sacred. As it is for the body, it is for the mind and for the memory! Lack of sleep is not only irrecoverable but also harmful to metabolism, concentration and energy. Of course, rest is beneficial for the brain and helps keep memory intact and consolidate memories. Give yourself more naps and try to sleep at least 8. hours a night, your dreams will be unforgettable!

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