Legs bare? Of course! Here are 7 models of winter skirts for less than 30 euros

Let's face it: being a woman is beautiful, especially when it comes to fashion.
Our choices are truly endless and interesting.

That's why we can't help but go shopping often.
Maybe a little too often!

But how can we resist, especially in front of a skirt that makes us feel like real princesses?
Unfortunately when temperatures drop, we don't always want to wear one!

But luckily there are models and accessories designed specifically to shelter us from the cold without necessarily having to give up wearing the skirt.

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Here are some tips on what absolutely must not be missing in your wardrobe this winter.
We have selected 7 must-have models all under 30 euros! How about taking a "look?"

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The most joyful period of the year is approaching! Parties, events, parties, shows, dinners, parties.
In short, you will not stand still for a moment!
Here are two perfect skirts for this type of occasion!

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A sparkling model perfect for shining in the limelight.
Despite being a garment full of personality, you can combine it with many different solutions.
This one in gray is not bad, don't you think?

Buy on Amazon for € 25.63 (27% discount)

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The tutu.
A model that has made us dream since we were little girls.
Symbol of femininity and lightness, to give a girly touch to any outfit.
From ballerinas to the maxi style icon Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City!

Buy on Amazon for € 22.99

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Tartan, the Scottish weave, the winter fantasy par excellence, returns to warm us again this year.
Refined, simple, but with a touch of creativity.
Choose the color you prefer!
We offer you a long bell model, something different from the usual short and red kilt.

Buy on Amazon for € 28.97

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The animalier is the trend of the year!
On bags, coats but also on the skirt!
Wear a leopard print mini with black opaque tights and a turtleneck sweater and of course stilettos!

Buy on Amazon for € 6.99

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Maxi skirts are a must in all seasons.
A cotton model, embellished with a side slit is versatile and comfortable.
Try it with a pair of sneakers and an oversized sweater.
You will see what an effect!

Buy on Amazon for 25 €

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Knee-length skirts are the perfect middle ground.
Short enough to wear with socks, long enough to keep you comfortable as you run away from one date to another throughout the day.
This sexy model with belt and side slit is perfect with over the knee boots.

Buy on Amazon for € 20 (29% discount)

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A model that is becoming more and more evergreen is the leather miniskirt!
The biker style conquers not only jackets and boots, but also skirts.
A decidedly winter model. How about trying it on with a funny Christmas-themed sweater to play it down a bit?

Buy on Amazon for € 29

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