6 products to transform your home into a small Spa

It would be nice to come home from work every night, open the door and find yourself in the middle of a wellness program, complete with hot towels, relaxing herbal teas, saunas and emotional Spa showers, but alas, going there every day would be a tad expensive, do not you think?

This is why we have found some articles that can help you make your home a little more like a wellness center to make your return a really pleasant time to release any tension accumulated during the day.

Take a moment just for yourself, happiness is made of little things!

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Relax is in the air

To create the right relaxing atmosphere, you must first make sure that your home is heated (or cooled, depending on the season!).
One with a cozy atmosphere is already a great way to start relaxing.

But to further enhance your entrance and start awakening your sleeping senses from cold and stress, you could use a diffuser to perfume your home with essential oils, just choose the fragrance.
In addition, it humidifies the environment. Perfect in winter, when with the heating on, the air tends to dry out.

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A honey bath

Nothing satisfies and relaxes us like the delicious smell of a hot shower or bath.
Make that moment truly magical by treating yourself like a queen with this fragrant honey shower gel that will leave your skin soft, hydrated and velvety.

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On the right foot

Nothing makes you feel at home like when you take off your shoes (and bra)!
Choose the right slippers to keep your feet warm after a "busy day away from home."

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Bye-bye menstrual pains

We never get used to menstrual pain. Especially when it's cold, they become particularly annoying.
If you are fed up with hot water bags and medicines every time you get your period, try this method.
Livia is a massager equipped with electrodes which, once placed on the pelvis, relieve menstrual pain.

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Healthy Hour

Other than spritz! After a stressful day, our body needs vitamins to recharge.
Refuel with a good fresh fruit extract.
The extractor eliminates all that is not needed and gives you back only vitamins and minerals!

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Your new best friend

Who said you need someone for a nice relaxing massage?
Not to mention that a bad massage could do you more damage than you think.
Here is a way to relieve some fatigue, without anyone's help!

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