How to dress for New Year's Eve in the mountains to be at the top!

New Year's Eve is always a special moment, which opens with a nice question: "what are you doing on New Year's Eve?". If you have already decided to spend the New Year in the mountains between falling snow and burning fireplaces that also warm the soul, between relatives who toast or friends who are able to find a fun evening even at -10 °, here you are in the right place to understand which look you can show off anywhere! To start, you can not miss a red coat, like those available on Amazon:

Red coats on Amazon

We also offer you both a broken look, perfect for an informal dinner and an evening with friends, but also two dresses that will make you look like divas at low cost. Ready?

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A low-cut sweater for a warm and sexy New Year's Eve in the mountains

The problem with celebrations in the mountains is that you often move and every move is synonymous with cold. The mountain itself, unless you do something special, is an informal environment, which does not require great pomp but the right mix that results in a casual chic winter look. For this reason we offer you a red sweater with a neckline that takes your breath away: a V between the shoulder blades full of sensuality! Perfect on skinny jeans but also to combine with a skirt, like the one we propose later.


Pros: it can transform from an everyday sweater to a sensual and chic sweater depending on the garment we match it with. Perfect for a New Year's Eve with friends at low temperatures.
Cons: if you have decided to go dancing, it could be heavy.

Buy it on Amazon for € 16

Pleated skirt to celebrate with friends

Who said that the New Year is only black, gold and red? We offer you a navy blue skirt, a very elegant shade of blue, which breaks the usual routine and gives a touch of liveliness to the classic schemes of this evening. With the dark red low-cut sweater, then, find its perfect match: informal but also very sexy, you will be able to amaze everyone! Especially if you also choose a particular pair of tights and the right New Year's lingerie

! If you want to go classic, go for the same black version available on Amazon.

Pros: this garment is also very versatile, if you buy it you can then use it for many other occasions, combining it with colors such as ice gray but also khaki or burgundy!
Cons: If you want something quirky or shiny, this might not be the right choice.

Buy it on Amazon for € 15

High boot to fight the cold with style

This boot high below the knee, 6 cm heel, with a warm and sensual color, is the perfect ally for dressing up for New Year's Eve in the mountains: comfortable (also given the block heel), elegant but also casual chic, perfect for a dinner with relatives but also between friends Think about it under the navy blue skirt, doesn't it seem enchanting?


Pro: like the other items we have proposed, these boots are perfect all year round, for any look and for any occasion.
Cons: if you plan to spend a lot of time on the street, opt for a pair of boots with fur or in any case very warm!

Buy them on Amazon offer for 40 € (-50%)

Necklace brings good luck to start the year on the right foot

What does it take to start the year well? A nice touch of luck. Then let's entice him to arrive with a necklace full of lucky charms, with a red horn perfect for the occasion, a horseshoe and a four-leaf clover. Elegant but also very original, you can use it throughout the following year as a real amulet!


Pro: the red croissant is a real trend, both on pendants and on clothes!
Cons: the price is not the lowest but Morellato has a good quality!

Buy it on the Amazon offer for € 41.63 (-15%)

Long elegant dress perfect even with combat boots

If you want to stay on something more classic that incorporates the typical colors of the New Year, we offer you this long dress with slit that mixes black and gold for a truly trendy effect. It can be enhanced with a nice gold or black décolleté but also lightened with a nice pair of ankle boots or amphibians, depending on the occasion of use. Ready to shine?


Pros: it really makes a good impression and, despite being long, it has the right slits that enhance its sensual aspect.
Cons: the cost is not the lowest, but for an "occasion like New Year's Eve you can even dare!

Buy it on Amazon at 113 €

Red lace dress for an elegant and sensual New Year!

If you love romantic and sexy dresses, this scarlet red lace is really for you. It has an important boat neckline, enhanced by the lace that surrounds the shoulders and arms in transparency. Elegant but also sensual, it is the perfect dress for a New Year's Eve in the mountains that still requires a more refined look. If, on the other hand, you want to play it down, wear it with ankle boots or sock boots!


Pros: it is elegant, sensual, with a beautiful color. The price is quite right for an "opportunity like this!"
Cons: if you are on the road a lot, you might get a little chilly!

Buy it on Amazon for € 29 <

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