How to choose the lipstick: the advice based on the complexion

Choosing the right lipstick is a fundamental step to show off a top make-up that enhances us. The focus on the lips, moreover, has always been highly appreciated and allows us to show off a simple and affectionate make-up that never tires and is always a winning choice.
But how to choose the most suitable lipstick for us? Without a doubt, first of all it is necessary to take into account the color of the complexion and in general, the colors of our face. Of course, let's not forget to indulge our personal taste, but choosing a lipstick that, in addition to pleasing us, is also able to enhance us to the fullest is an "excellent move. Below you can find many tips to discover the most suitable lipstick colors. suitable for your complexion to show off a perfect lip make-up for you and a perfect and irresistible make-up!

Before starting, we remind you all the steps to apply the lipstick correctly:

1. To choose the right lipstick, first find out the color of your skin

As we said, the first step in choosing the right lipstick is to pay attention to the color of our complexion, and specifically, whether it is light, medium or dark skin.
To understand this, we must analyze our skin in the sunlight, paying particular attention to the jaw area.

A fair skin has a more or less pale complexion and struggles to tan, often coming first to burn. It can also have freckles and redness.
Medium skin has a complexion that is not too light but not too dark, tans easily, without being burnt and tends to turn golden. It does not present a particular sensitivity.
Dark skin is particularly colorful even in winter, when there is no sun. It never gets burned. It is likely to go with black or dark brown hair.

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2. Then identify the undertone of your skin

After having discovered the color of our complexion, it is now necessary to identify the undertone, the lower layer of our skin, essential for choosing the right make-up to show off.

The easiest and fastest way to find it is to look at the color of the veins.
If they are blue or purple, we are faced with a cold undertone, if they are green with a warm undertone, if instead they seem green / blue then it is a neutral undertone, which means that it will easily marry both cold and warm tones. .

Also in this case, as in the previous one, observing how our skin behaves in the sun, can give us more useful information to understand what type of undertone we have: if our skin tans easily and becomes golden or immediately dark, it is very likely that we have a warm undertone; if it burns before tanning or turns red and not golden, it will instead be a cold undertone. If it doesn't get sunburned but takes some time to tan and turn golden in color, it's likely a neutral undertone.

Another easy test to identify the undertone of the skin is to combine it with gold or silver jewels: gold goes better with skin with a warm undertone, while silver with complexions with a cold undertone. which of the two shades your skin is best enhanced.

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3. Now choose the lipstick according to your complexion

After identifying the color of the complexion and the undertone of the skin, we can now proceed with ease in choosing the most suitable lipstick colors for us.

  • If you have fair skin, the most suitable lipsticks for you will undoubtedly be those in the shades of light pink and nude, but you can also go in the more decisive peach and coral pinks. If your undertone is cold, however, the ideal for you will be a strong brown or a nude in shades of beige. If, on the other hand, your undertone is warm, stay on the ton sur ton shades of pink - excellent for example light pink - or on a nude with peach tones.
  • If you have medium skin, you can draw from the palette of pinks but in its strongest shades, such as mauve and burgundy. These shades, along with blueberry, are perfect especially if you have a cool undertone. If, on the other hand, you have a warm undertone, opt for shades of bronze, copper and brick. The latter is then ideal if you have medium-dark skin, which finds its best enhancement with orange-toned lipsticks: therefore, coral is perfect, in addition to brick. Better to avoid brown and burgundy instead.
  • If you have dark skin, go for dark lipsticks like burgundy, burgundy, plum and brown. The shades of burgundy and burgundy are better if you have a cold undertone, while the shades of brown, bronze and copper if you have a warm undertone.

Remember that this is a small reference guide that can help you get to know the rose of shades and colors that most enhance your face, but still feel free to show off a shade of lipstick you love without necessarily sticking to these guidelines.

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How to choose red lipstick?

But how should we deal with the most loved lipstick color ever? Here are some useful tips for choosing red lipstick based on your complexion. Also in this case, skin color and predominant undertone count.

  • If you have fair skin, you should avoid too intense red. For you, a discreet, almost rosy red or a coral red is better. If you have a warm undertone, opt for a coral red, if instead you have a cold undertone, go for the shades of raspberry.
  • If you have medium skin, go for an intense bright red or a cherry red. But go for an orange red if you have a warm undertone and a burgundy red if your skin has a cold undertone.
  • If you have dark skin, intense red is ideal. Better, however, a ruby ​​or burgundy red for those with a cold undertone, and a red with coppery shades for those with warm undertones.

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How to choose the lipstick: tips for having bigger or thinner lips

If you have thin lips and you want to make them look bigger or, on the contrary, you want to make them thinner because they are too thick, know that the color of the lipstick and the finish can help you. In fact, you should know that dark shades tend to shrink, therefore they are perfect if you want to show off thinner lips. While lighter and brighter colors, which widen and open, will be to choose if you want to make your lips look bigger and fuller.

Not only that: even the finish of the lipstick can influence you in this sense: matte lipsticks, with a matte consistency, help you to make your lips thinner, while lipsticks with a luminous and pearly texture or lip glosses will help make them more full and plump.

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