How to choose the perfect wedding dress according to your shapes

The choice of the wedding dress is one of the most important and crucial moments in the preparation that precedes the wedding day, and for a woman it is a decision full of tension, emotion, expectations and ... tears! marries, in the months preceding the first test, she scans through any site or magazine in the sector, to get an idea of ​​the shape, style, fabric of the dress of her dreams. But in most cases, when wearing the dress that was believed to be the right one, we realize that it does not correspond at all to our expectations, because a crucial factor has not been taken into account: the shape of your body. of advice on how to choose the wedding dress according to your shape, to enhance what makes you feel a shock about your body and hide, instead, those small defects that you want to keep only for yourself!

If you are close to marriage, you must also keep in mind the 5 things that you cannot miss, for a truly fabulous wedding:

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How to choose the wedding dress if you have a pear shape

If you have a body with narrow shoulders and wider hips, or you get closer to this figure, it is important to draw attention to the waist, rather than the hips: a classic A-line is the right one for your wedding dress. Our advice is to focus on the bodice of the dress: a classic dress, with a wide skirt and, perhaps, with a tight corset, will attract more attention to the upper part, minimizing the wide hips. classic "debutante ball" style dresses, this is just the model for you! To draw more attention to the bodice of your wedding dress, you can evaluate different decorations and particular fabrics. Pearls, rhinestones and appliqués will give that extra touch to the upper part of your dress, attracting the attention of the guests, as well as fabrics such as lace or tulle; remember: this year the variations in the wedding dress are a real must!
Likewise, the neckline and sleeves of your dress are also functional to create a point of interest that distracts attention from the hips. Let your imagination fly and dare with particular and structured necklines, with refined shapes; as for the sleeves, however, also in this case you can vary with the fabrics and sizes: short, three-quarter or long, tight or soft on the arms, they are an excellent accessory to complete your dress. It focuses on the delicacy of a see-through to add a touch of non-vulgar sensuality, while keeping the shoulders covered (especially if the ceremony is religious).
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If you have an apple-shaped body here is which dress to choose

The apple-shaped body features large breasts, round hips, and a generous butt. It is therefore important to keep overly generous shapes at bay and enhance the more discreet parts of your body. How to choose the wedding dress if you have an apple-shaped body? There are two options: you can opt for an A-shaped dress, which however degrades more slowly downwards. The waist of the dress must be strictly high, to avoid marking the waist and optically thin the figure; the upper part of the dress must never be too tight, in order to avoid the unpleasant "stuffed" effect: a bodice that falls softly on the breast is perfect to enhance it, without highlighting it excessively, and the same goes for generous necklines, but remember not to exceed with the uncovered parts! Finally, voluminous decorations such as ruffles and overlapping layers of fabric, which create additional "mass", instead of streamlining the silhouette, are absolutely forbidden.
The other option is the empire dress which, also in this case, highlights the décolleté and hides the abundance of the hips and side B, blending straight and delicate on your body. This model of wedding dress it is also perfect for brides who are not particularly tall, because it elongates the figure, making the sulhouette, especially the legs, appear more slender.
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Hourglass body: which wedding dress to choose?

The hourglass shaped body, narrow waist, well proportioned hips and breasts, is the luckiest one, because it can choose almost any type of wedding dress. In this case you can really afford to wear whatever you want! Our advice is to highlight all your strengths with a mermaid dress: this model is very tight, so as to place the accent on the hips and the B side, without overshadowing the waist and breasts. If you don't want to highlight the neckline too much, you can opt for a boat neck, which will place the accent on the neck and shoulders while keeping the breasts covered. Also in this case the decorations are perfect to personalize a dress that in itself has a very simple line. And to enhance the neck? A beautiful and delicate necklace: Discover the jewelry models available on Amazon at truly special prices.

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How to choose the wedding dress for a masculine or athletic body

With a masculine or athletic body, you certainly don't have to hide the results of all the sweat poured into the gym! Also in this case, we are faced with two options: if your body is so dry, but with all the curves in the right place, you can opt for a tight-fitting dress, perhaps with an uncovered back, to enhance your muscles. .
If, on the other hand, your body is lean and not particularly structured, what you need to do is create optically curves near side B, while enhancing the slim and slender bust. The perfect dress for you is, therefore, a princely model, with a wide skirt and tight bodice; to create curves around the hips, opt for a low-waisted dress and do not skimp on ruffles and fluffy decorations. Remember, however, that too much is good: if you have chosen a dress with an important skirt, do not overdo it with decorations and frills in the upper part of the dress, you certainly don't want to look as rich and pompous as an Easter egg!

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The perfect wedding dress if you have a cone-shaped body

A cone-shaped body features broad shoulders and slimmer hips, with long, lean legs. One way to enhance the lower part while minimizing the bust or the shoulders is to choose a dress with a rich, decorated skirt. Ruffles, flounces and wide skirts can be the perfect solution.
For the upper part, it is important to divert attention from the shoulders, bringing it to the décolleté: green light, therefore, for important and elaborate necklines.

Now that you have chosen the perfect dress based on your body shape, keep dreaming with these wonderful accessories to show off during the wedding!

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