How to wash the coffee maker correctly and not make naive mistakes

Without coffee, many of us would not be able to survive the everyday jungle, in particular, without that of our own coffee machine. But how do you wash a coffee machine? Be careful, because detergent must be banned. It holds the rule of empty coffees after each wash and it is essential to rinse it after each use, but avoid (absolutely) soap. But are you sure you know everything about coffee? For example, can you prepare a coffee as good as the one in the bar? See how to do it:

How to disinfect the coffee maker

It is not difficult: when you decide to disinfect the machine, boil the parts of the coffee pot in vinegar and salt, including the filter and the gasket. After boiling, rinse every part of the machine well under running water, maybe you can clean it using an old toothbrush. The occasion could be useful to change the gaskets if worn. Then remember to make one or two coffees empty, so that the coffee maker can regain the right aroma. And good morning returns as before

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