Your tastes at the table reveal your compatibility as a couple

How important is food in our lives? Certainly close to the dreaded costume tests a lot, but in addition to weight, food is also synonymous with health, tastes, habits, passion and why not, for some art. So is it so absurd to think that food also affects the affinity in the couple?

The study of affinities at the table

According to a recent survey conducted by Knorr, 78% of lovers said they have a stable and happy relationship, also based on sharing tastes at the table. Also apparently if you order the same things on the first date, you have a better chance of a following, because similar tastes create more complicity and trust.

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Why food is so important

It would not be just a question of DNA, in which clearly if one likes salty more and the other likes sweet, there is little to do. It would also be a matter of having a combination of values, traditions and habits that weld the relationship. So it is understood that a vegan and a carnivore could have very different values, that those who love to eat out are always bored at home dinners, just as those who love to experiment would not have fun with a convinced traditionalist. So meal time is not an end in itself, but a daily excuse to share much more, as well as a prelude to a sexy and intriguing evening. On the other hand we are what we eat, literally and spiritually

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