How to protect your hair from the sun: tips for perfect hair even in summer!

Tell the truth: how many times in the summer, have you looked in the mirror, shivering at the appearance of your hair? To show off healthy and shiny hair even in summer it is in fact necessary to dedicate some extra care to them. External "aggressions" to which the hair is subjected in this period are many (sun, salt, sand, chlorine and humidity) and therefore greater attention and targeted and specific daily hair care gestures are required, able to guarantee them the right nutrition for greater softness and shine, even when it might seem like a distant utopia.

Here are 10 easy and effective tips to show off perfect hair even in the height of summer!

1. Apply an effective nourishing mask consistently

First of all, let's start with a basic rule concerning the washing phase, in particular after shampooing. Yes, because - let's remember - shampoo can do a lot, but it is not enough to properly nourish the hair, and so can the conditioner, which is ideal for detangling them; to ensure nutrition to the hair, a specific product is needed: the mask.

To avoid finding yourself with damaged, dull and lifeless hair, especially in summer, you must make sure you guarantee your hair a targeted and effective nutrition, from length to tip, which does not weigh down the fiber and indeed helps to keep it hydrated and healthy. . This is not only valid for those with dry, dull or damaged hair, but for any type of hair, considering that, in fact, especially in the summer, the need to take care of your hair becomes greater. Apply a nourishing mask regularly after the washing is undoubtedly the first step to take to guarantee your hair the right nutrition, keep it healthy and regenerate it from the aggression of the sun and other "pitfalls" of summer.

Fortunately, L "Oréal has thought of a practical and effective solution for this: a mask with a light and enveloping texture for intense nourishment that lasts long and does not weigh down the hair in any way. The new Elvive Extraordinary Oil mask with extra-fine coconut oil is in fact an ideal and super practical treatment (in fact it only takes two minutes after each wash!) To deeply nourish the hair and give it softness and shine. This is also thanks to its exclusive formula with extra-fine coconut oil which, with an ultra-light consistency, is able to penetrate into the heart of each fiber to infuse the right dose of nutrition without weighing it down. Not only that, the irresistible coconut fragrance will make this hair care gesture a real moment of pleasure to dedicate to yourself. From the first applications your hair will be light, soft to the touch and with an intense and vibrant brightness.

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How to use?
As we have already seen, the most common method is to "use it after shampooing to ensure deep nourishment and an immediate detangling effect to the hair: then apply a nut on wet hair, detangle the hair with a comb, possibly with wide teeth, so that are able to absorb the product more easily, leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse.

However, you can also use it before shampooing: in this case apply it on dry hair, leave it on for 5 minutes for an instant effect or longer for deep nourishment. This can be a great method for those with particularly dry, frizzy or dull hair that therefore needs more intense nutrition to repair the fiber and strengthen it.

Finally, you can also choose to use it as a finishing touch to facilitate styling and show off light and silky hair (seeing is believing!).

2. Avoid washing with very hot water

Avoid further stress on the hair, already tested by the action of the sun, with frequent washing with very hot water. Prefer cold water, true oxygen for stressed and nourishing hair, especially in summer. It is a simple gesture that can however bring many benefits to your hair, regenerating it after the efforts of sun, sand, salt and humidity.

You don't necessarily have to use it for the entire wash, you can also limit yourself to a long final jet of fresh water: your hair will thank you.

3. Comb them the right way

Also pay attention to how you style them. After washing them, pat them gently with a towel without rubbing them, so as to remove the excess water, and then proceed by combing them gently and slowly, possibly with a wooden comb with wide teeth and rounded tips, so as not to damage them and feel no pain. .

Start from the bottom, that is, from the tips, and then go up slowly and gently, towards the lengths and roots: in this way you will avoid breaking the hair.

4. Avoid using a hairdryer

In summer, take advantage of the power of heat and sun and take a break from the wild use of the hair dryer. The heat of the hair dryer can further stress the hair, especially if already particularly put to the test by the hot season. a fan of natural drying, make sure at least to keep the hair dryer at low temperatures, keeping it away from the hair at least 15 centimeters, and take a few breaks during drying, so as to allow your hair not to accumulate too much heat and cuticles to It is also a way to preserve ends and lengths, the first to dry out and wear out, and to be most affected by the action of heat, sun and humidity.

5. Don't straighten your hair, show off your natural styling!

In addition to the hair dryer, stay away for a while from plates and irons that would weaken the hair considerably and make it more dull and opaque, especially in the hot period. You will have all winter to dedicate yourself to a meticulous brushing that will guarantee you a flawless styling! Summer, as we know, rewards natural hair, deliberately imperfect and with beach waves. In short, in addition to saving time and preserving your hair, you will also gain charm and allure.

6. Cover yourself with a straw hair when the sun is strongest

At times when the sun is strongest and temperatures are higher, cover your hair and head with a hat. Better to choose straw or cotton and light colors, so as to allow transpiration and better reflect radiation. You can also opt for wide, cotton headbands or bandanas that cover the entire nape of the neck. The only caution: avoid black!

7. Rinse your hair with fresh water after taking a bath

After a swim in the sea or in the pool, be sure to rinse your hair under fresh water, so as to eliminate residues of salt or chlorine that weaken and weaken the hair, making it dry, cracked and dull.

8. Choose soft, messy-style crops that won't ruin the hair

We know that summer, for hair, often means gathered. After all, they are practical, allow you to feel less heat and are also fashionable. But be careful, make sure you choose soft and not too tight hairstyles that would instead risk breaking and further weakening the hair. Green light therefore to disheveled buns, deliberately imperfect, braids, tails and loose and soft crops in full messy style, which free the neck and shoulders and give respite to the hair without stressing it, and indeed, with an irresistible chic touch.

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9. A little trim before going to the beach is always a good idea!

A slight trim before leaving for the holidays is welcome, in order to eliminate fragile and brittle ends and thus avoid finding yourself with ruined, dull and difficult to manage lengths. It does not mean that you have to end up with a helmet, far from it. It is just a preventive measure to guarantee your hair - lengths in the first place - a neater, softer and healthier appearance.

10. Make sure you stay hydrated

Provide your body with the right hydration to better face the hot season. So drink at least two liters of water a day or help yourself with cold herbal teas or unsweetened flavored water. Ensuring the right degree of hydration to your body is in fact a healthy habit to be adopted especially on summer days that will allow you to live them with greater serenity and to suffer less heat and mugginess. It will also help you keep your skin and hair hydrated, a key requirement especially when you are exposed to a lot of heat and sun.

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