5 myths about the hymen you should absolutely uncover

The female body is still unexplored ground for many of us: some do not know their vagina, do not practice masturbation and have never reached orgasm! Among the parts of the body unknown to most of us, and which bring with them myths and legends, c "is certainly the hymen. This mythological membrane, to which the idea of ​​virginity is linked, since the rupture of the hymen over the centuries is equivalent to the loss of purity, is found not very deep, and perhaps with a little "of healthy autoeroticism you could discover more! Then it's always good ...

1. The hymen prevents pregnancy

Incipit: the hymen is a membrane that is located in the outermost part of the vagina, after the labia minora. This membrane, however, does not block and closes the hole in your vagina: there is the space to pass more or less a finger through it: how else would menstruation come out? That is why, as the flow of menstruation can go out, that of spermatozoa can enter. In short: the hymen is not a condom!

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2. The hymen is the same for all

The hymen is a part of the body and, like the rest of the body, can vary in size, shape and thickness. In short, there is no standard size that is the same from vagina to vagina, like the vagina itself, which changes size from woman to woman. , and has a different "size" for each of us.

3. During the first intercourse there is pain due to the hymen

This is not necessarily the case. Although the first penetration could be painful, the hymen is an elastic tissue, already punctured. It could also have broken previously, due to trauma, so it doesn't cause any discomfort. There are other physical and psychological factors that could cause pain upon first penetration: the first time the vaginal tissues accept the penis, performance anxiety, poor lubrication, etc.

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4. The hymen bleeds on first intercourse

If, as previously said, each hymen is separate, and it is a tissue that has a different thickness for each woman, this means that not all of them have to have a bleeding at the first sexual intercourse. Just as pain will not be the divine punishment behind the choice to make love, bleeding is not guaranteed either. According to research, only half of women would bleed after first intercourse!

5. The hymen is invisible

With a few exceptions, the hymen can be seen. To see it, just use a mirror: sit on the bidet, open your thighs with a light source in front and you will see a fold of pink-red fleshy tissue, attached to the walls of the vagina. , in the labia minora. She is the hymen!

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Once the hymen is torn, you can begin to discover a whole world, that of your sexuality! Here are some ideas:

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