How to comb curly hair: the right moves for a top curl effortlessly!

Is it really possible to comb curly hair? Obviously yes, and above all, it can be done without going crazy. Don't believe it? Now we explain how to do it. With small ad hoc moves you can easily manage the styling of a hedgehog, even the wildest and most indomitable, and show off impeccable hair with a wow effect. However, it is necessary to respect some simple beauty routine rules: curls, in fact, like we know well, they are a whole other world than straight hair, therefore they require special treatment and everything that is done for their care is unique.

Although there are small useful strategies to better manage curly and whimsical hair, the fundamental thing to start with to show off a beautiful curl is to comb it in the right way. Like? Now you will see: we asked for help from a real expert on the subject, Fulvio Tirrico, creator of the brand I Love Hedgehog, the first salon in Italy dedicated to the care of curly hair, which will reveal some little secrets to easily comb curly and wild hair, learn how to manage them properly and enhance them to the fullest, without giving up their rebellious and super voluminous nature.

Are you ready? So here are the essential tips that you can't do without to style curly hair in the right way!

1. Comb your hair before washing

Hair must be untangled before being wet because wet curls are more fragile and risk breaking more easily. So, with dry hair we will untangle it with only the use of the hands, starting from the tips and slowly going up to the roots.

If at first it seems like a rather complicated operation, you will see that the following times it will be easier because the hair will be less open and less prone to knotting.

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2. Avoid the comb - use your hands!

Curly hair and comb are not exactly an ideal combination. But why? The combs, even those with wide or very wide teeth, belonging considered the best for wild hair, can be aggressive and force possible knots, thus stressing the hair, making it even more fragile. Furthermore, the hedgehog would lose body and become frizzy.

Then, absolutely abolish all the detangling brushes of the tangle teezer type, which do nothing but make your curls more fragile.

3. Comb the curls from bottom to top

As already mentioned, it is important to untangle the hair starting from the ends to the root.
Then manage the hair by sections, starting from the bottom and then going up slowly until you get to the root. All this always with your fingers and leaving the comb alone. In fact, by "combing" from the bottom up, the knots at the tips and lengths will first be untangled and progressively, it will then be possible to go up more easily to unravel the knots of the upper part of the canopy.
On the contrary, if you started combing from above you would encounter continuous obstacles - let alone with combs or brushes! - which would not allow us to proceed and which would also harm us, moreover.
In addition, this mode also prevents split ends!

4. Then proceed with washing: choose the shampoo that suits you best!

Then proceed with washing using a specific shampoo for curly hair. Choose the most suitable product depending on the type of hedgehog you have.

Preferably choose a product with moisturizing and detangling properties, fundamental qualities to guarantee your curls an impeccable appearance and avoid the limp effect.

5. Apply the mask

The next phase will be the application of the mask, which must always and only take place with the hands using the fingers.

Why don't we use brushes or combs to apply the mask?

  • Because the comb tends to break the curls and create many micro strands or single hair that will ruffle together with the atria
  • Because the moisturizing product with your hands will be pushed inside the hair and the cuticle scales will be lowered, making the curl defined and shiny
  • Because in the long run the wooden combs can deteriorate with water and micro splinters can be created that can slip off the curl and in the long run thin it out

For example, you can also choose a DIY mask with completely natural products, like the one we suggest below ...

6. Apply the styling, again using your fingers

The hands will also be useful during the application of the styling, which must take place on the wet locks: then divide the hair into small locks and proceed using your fingers as if they were a comb.

Why not use the comb also during the styling phase? Because curly hair would lose definition and the shape would be compromised!

The trick of the sprayer

In the following days, if you feel that your hair is becoming frizzy, you can use the trick of the sprayer: wet the hair with a sprayer and brush your fingers inside to bring the strands together and redefine them.

If you have a very large and very dry curl, you can also reapply - always with the help of your hands - a dollop of moisturizer.

What to do in case of knots? Effective remedies and good habits to adopt

A small drawback of having curly hair is the ease of finding yourself with knots, even quite large ones, especially in the area of ​​the skin. This happens because at night the curls rub on the pillow and make cotton, getting ruffled; in this case, in the morning, you will have to be patient a little and dedicate yourself to a little moment of hair care: untangle them gently with your fingers, starting from the bottom, as explained above.

But how to reduce the knots or make them disappear completely?

  • An excellent solution is to use a silk pillowcase for the pillow or opt for a satin or silk cap to collect the hair inside at night. Silk and satin in fact - true friends of curly hair styling - make the hair slip. hair thanks to their smooth surface and does not block them, making them tangle and causing the unpleasant knots, as synthetic or cotton materials would do.
  • At night, you can also opt for a high ponytail, as long as you use a soft elastic that does not stress the hair, weakening it. This little trick also allows you to avoid finding yourself with flattened hair and absolutely lacking in volume when you wake up. Not a little!

Choose the right cut!

Correct hair care habits are certainly fundamental and undoubtedly the first step to take, but choosing the most suitable type of hairstyle for your hedgehog is no joke! To do justice to your hair, you should opt for a tailored hairstyle that enhances it to the fullest. In addition to the type of hair, also pay attention to the type of face you have: with an elongated oval, for example, it is better to opt for a medium-short curly cut - without exaggerating with the short size, otherwise you would struggle to tame the curl - if instead you have a round or square face, stay on the medium length, possibly without fringes or parting in the middle, preferring instead an asymmetrical and irregular tuft that helps to rebalance the proportions.

In general, however, medium or medium-long cuts are the best choice if you show off a curly and rebellious hair, but if you are crazy lovers of xxs haircuts, take care to opt for asymmetries, ad hoc scaling and irregular tufts, to avoid styling. too full and suggest harmony as a whole, avoiding the ruffled lion effect.

Here is a series of original and fashion hairstyles, suitable for those who show off curly hair and want to amaze everyone!

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