Test: how much do others envy you?

Are you the most envied in the class or are you one of those who avoids exposing themselves to avoid envy? It is not always easy to juggle the envy of others, also because they often come from those we least expect. Envy arises even in the purest hearts, and it is so difficult to face when you receive it and so difficult to tame when you try it firsthand. Before you find out who envies you, watch the video and find out how to become an enviable subject :

Test: how much do others envy you?

Envy yes, envy no, perhaps envy? Being envied is a talent, being able not to be envied is also a fundamental gift. Envy, in fact, in serious situations such as those at work, can become a real obstacle and coincide with malice in no time at all. Find out then how much you are envied, take the test:

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Envied or not, there will still be someone who can't stand you anymore, find out who! Take the quiz:

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