Record-breaking cakes arrive

At each episode we find three competitors at the helm of their work teams, struggling with the creation of a themed cake, to be presented during important events. A few examples? The 4th of July celebrations at the Reagan Library in California, Legoland's 10th birthday and the inauguration of a shark exhibit at the Long Beach Aquarium.

To complete the mission the competitors have 9 hours available and there is also the risk of winning $ 10,000.

What will happen in the next appointments? We reveal it to you immediately.
On June 14, the goal will be to create a 1.5 meter high cake, to be exhibited at the 58th national square dance convention.
On June 21, the “cake shots” challenge will involve a fair on the beach dedicated to pirates.
On June 28, however, it will be the turn of the cake that will have the honor of being tasted on the aforementioned tenth anniversary of Legoland.

We remind you that you can see Real Time on: Free Terrestrial Digital Channel 31, Sky channels 126 and 127, Tivùsat Channel 3.


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