How to wash kitchen towels well and remove all dirt!

When we're in the kitchen, dish towels are our battle weapons. Not only do we use them for drying dishes, but very often they are indispensable for removing sudden stains, squeezing the coffee maker, accompanying the pots to the sink, drying hands (whatever has stained them) and so on. This multifunctionality kitchen towels also makes them extremely vulnerable. In short, they get irreparably dirty quickly and often indelibly (at a rate equal to that in which table cloths are stained). How to wash them flawlessly? video:

The pretreatment for washing the dishcloths

In the event that it is not possible to intervene instantly on food stains, a pre-treatment will then be necessary: ​​let the cloths soak, before washing in the washing machine, always using a spoonful of bicarbonate which has a disinfectant action. Even if you have carried out a pre-treatment, before putting them in the washing machine, spray the stains with the liquid degreaser; if, on the other hand, the stain is very difficult, even the dish detergent will work well: it will help eliminate all the most stubborn stains.

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How to wash kitchen towels well

Therefore, after the pre-treatment, wash the cloths if possible all together, trying not to overfill the washing machine, but only 80% (the washing yield will thus be higher). In addition to the normal detergent and fabric softener, also use a stain remover for colored garments and washed at no more than 40 degrees. Obviously in the case of whites only, soaking in bleach always comes to the rescue. Cleaning and disinfecting the tea towels in the kitchen is very important, with a change that is a maximum of once a week, considering the continuous contact they have with water ( therefore humidity) and bacteria.

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Obviously, for a truly top-notch kitchen, not only the dish towels need to be clean, but also the surrounding environment. Here are some tips on how to always have a clean house in an economic and ecological way:

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