5 creative alternatives to the tablet to let your child play by educating him

Detaching your child from the tablet really seems like an "impossible task? Yet it is not: it all lies in offering him some activities capable of distracting him enough, showing him that there can be many other ways to spend time together and have fun, perhaps even learning something.

So why not try to offer him some creative alternative that, in addition to making him smile and amuse himself, can also be educational? Discover the 5 activities that we propose below, and have fun with your little one!

1. Cooking together

Cooking with your child is an "excellent solution to detach him from the tablet, have fun together and teach him something useful. It might seem like a" grown-up thing ", but just being able to involve him in such an activity will make him feel more responsible and Furthermore, it will be extremely educational if the child suffers from loss of appetite or is used to throwing tantrums at the table.

If your child will enjoy cooking with you, he will learn to handle the most disparate ingredients and foods, familiarize himself with them and begin to record them in a "positive" perspective, even if it is - for example - a vegetable that otherwise He would never have touched. Getting to know healthy foods so closely will later lead him to prefer them, and he himself will prefer what you have prepared together rather than yet another packaged snack!

Obviously, cooking together must be fun: let your child free all his creativity and let the dishes satisfy his aesthetic taste, generally full of colors and cheerful shapes. Of course, total anarchy isn't okay either: it's up to you to guide him and help him follow the recipe. In this way he will also learn to channel his inventiveness and can then feel proud of the result obtained with so much effort.

Finally, try to take advantage of it to make him taste something new, perhaps adding an exotic ingredient to the dish: educating the child to the taste of discovery and the different will make him grow up with a mind free from prejudices and full of curiosity about the world.

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2. The interactive game

How many times, watching your child play with the tablet, have you found yourself thinking with nostalgia about those beautiful games of your childhood, the ones that were "touched" and made the imagination travel with their endless applications? Today, from the Nintendo planet, Nintendo Labo has arrived, a new gaming experience that starts from tradition to open, however, the gaze towards the future.

Nintendo Labo in fact, allows you to experience unique moments of construction, with all the manual skills that derive from it, and of interactive play, suitable for the new generation. Together with the Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo Labo provides everything needed to assemble a series of cardboard shapes - the Toy-Con - which, combined with the console's technology, provide a one-of-a-kind experience and path, perfect for children. family moments.

With Nintendo Labo, your child will be able to step outside the perimeter of the traditional video game, always lived on a screen. The heart of this game, in fact, lies in the cardboard shapes to be assembled in a guided construction process. A 360 ° experience that goes from assembly to the discovery of how these cardboard shapes interact with the console. It will be an "experience full of surprises, capable of stimulating his dexterity, his curiosity and the desire to experiment. And the educational function will not be missing: think how beautiful it will be, after having built a small cardboard piano together, to learn how to play it!

In line with the latest trends in the educational field, which see more and more combining entertainment and education, Nintendo Labo aims to give an experience that is first of all extremely entertaining, and that secondly allows you to learn and develop creativity. in the most effective way, that is, having fun.

In addition to the piano, there are several Toy-Con, that is the surprising objects to assemble: a motorcycle, for example, but also a robot and much more! Nintendo Labo arrives in Europe on April 27 in two kits: the Assorted Kit and the Robot Kit. Both will contain everything you need to bring the Toy-Con to life, including assembly materials and software for the Nintendo Switch.

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3. The treasure hunt

Treasure hunt has always been one of the most popular games for children. You can easily organize one in your home and, with a little creativity, make it an educational experience as well as very, very fun! Just try some of these variations.

With the so-called "riddle hunt", for example, your child can earn the ticket with the next stage to look around the house only after passing a small test. This test could be, for example, that of memorizing the verse of a poem, or listing ten words that begin with a certain letter, or even being able to remain silent without laughing for a minute. Only then will he receive the clue to find the next hiding place, until he reaches the treasure (which could be, for example, a big slice of his favorite cake, no need to overdo it)!

An "other variant could be that of the" mathematical treasure hunt ", in which to advance on the map in search of the treasure it will be necessary to correctly answer small mathematical questions, simple operations or times tables, based on age. A nice way to make him approach the subject with a smile on his face!

To stimulate his imagination, you can have fun creating themed treasure hunts. If your child, for example, loves dinosaurs, you can invent tests or use objects related to the theme, guiding him to discover a small prehistoric universe ... Fun is guaranteed!

4. Team games with friends

To unplug your child from the tablet, an "idea could be to invite a few friends to your home and organize team games: real challenges that stimulate them also from an intellectual point of view, entertaining them, making them have fun and at the same time. time by helping them socialize and share goals with others.

Try the "movie game", for example. Prepare cards with written a series of roles to play, divided into different scenes. For example, the beach scene: there will be the child playing by the sea, the gentleman who swims, the lifeguard and so on. Or the restaurant scene: the cook, the waiter, the customer ... Each child will draw a ticket and be asked to play (in silence, of course) their role, looking at the others at the same time, until they understand in what scene place itself. The team that gets together first and recreates the whole scene will be the winner!

Another fun and educational game because it invites you to recognize (and therefore respect) the emotions of others is the one called "game of emotions". Prepare some cards on which to mark a series of feelings ranging from happiness to tiredness to fear to joy to loneliness and so on. Divide the children into two teams. A child will take out the first card and will be called to mimic the emotion that appears written. If someone asks him questions, he can answer yes or no with his head. The guesser assigns a point to his team.

Another very educational game is the "dictionary" game. Take a dictionary and two bells that can act as buttons and divide the children into two teams. Then open the dictionary and read the definition of a word. The team that guesses first what word it is will win a point.A nice way to broaden your vocabulary, isn't it?

5. Make the costumes of your favorite characters together

To dress up, it doesn't need to be Carnival! Kids would love to do this all the time, especially if they are allowed to embody their favorite characters. A fun way to entertain your child, then, could be to make homemade costumes together with recycled material. It is an excellent way to educate them, among other things, to respect the environment and to fight against waste.

For example, if you have leftover plastic bottles at home, you and your child can have fun turning them into a diving suit! Just join a couple of them with adhesive tape, make some straps with string or a satin thread and then paint them to your liking.

The same two plastic bottles can then turn into a rocket to carry behind your back, like superhero-powered backpacks. With tissue paper you can decorate them in such a way that they seem to come out of flames!

The wrapping paper, on the other hand, can be reused to create a snail costume. It doesn't take long: just twist a thick sheet of paper in a spiral to wear on your back as if it were a shell. With more paper then, you can make two antennas to glue to a circle. Don't be afraid to unleash your imagination!

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