Accept the first wrinkles

A society dominated by the fear of getting old

Today we are witnessing a real flourishing of rejuvenation techniques. Approximately 200,000 cosmetic surgery operations are performed in Italy every year. Among these, the facelift comes in fourth place and the women who resort to this practice are younger and younger.

Why accept your wrinkles?

A few small wrinkles near the eyes or at the corners of the mouth make the look more intense and underline the smile and then, let's face it, the wrinkles are the sign of a life lived fully and this makes a woman even more seductive. Don't men prefer a mature woman with some wrinkles to a goose without any defect but with tight skin? In an interview, Courtney Cox confessed that she regretted using Botox as her face was pulled tight after the surgery, and her ex-husband said he found women more attractive when they accept their maturity. .

How do you accept your wrinkles?

We are all afraid of getting old, but remember that being young means above all feeling young. Stay dynamic, spontaneous, lively and emphasize your strengths, you will see that your wrinkles will go unnoticed. Don't be obsessed with it, rather enhance your eyes or smile with the right make-up.

Transform wrinkles into a value

Isn't it always said that a woman is more beautiful at 30 than at 20? She has gained maturity and self-confidence, and we assure you it shines through! Not convinced? Transform wrinkles into a weapon of seduction, aging with elegance is possible! Fill up on antioxidants, practice sports, eat organic products: these gestures will help you stay young in spirit and, in part, physically as well.

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