How to wear the sarong? 7 ways to try according to your shapes

The sarong can not be missing in your luggage for the holidays, since it is the cover-up par excellence, and to be ready even on the beach it is necessary to find out how to wear it in all possible variations, especially taking into account the shapes of your body. In fact, a way to wear the sarong is not always suitable for all types of body, but with our advice you can find the right version for you! First of all it is a matter of choosing between a long and a short sarong, after which some very interesting possibilities will open up for you. Do not forget, then, the sarong with the hole, one of the latest trends in beachwear, with which you can expand your wardrobe even more for the summer. The sarong dress and the sarong skirt are not the only possibilities, and however, also the dress and skirt version branch out in many different variations. Let's see them one by one, with some simple instructions on how to tie it. In the video we have offered you 5 ways to wear the sarong, to do first with a glance and choose your favorite style. You too can try to imitate our model and if you still don't know it, discover your ideal look with the most loved summer cover-up!

1. The sarong as a dress: the style suitable for those with large breasts

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Choose a long sarong, wrap yourself in the fabric by crossing the flaps at shoulder height, and tie the two flaps behind the neck. It is a style of sarong dressed very suitable for those who are prosperous, who can thus slim the figure by diverting attention from the chest. The ideal would be to use it as a cover-up combined with a specific swimsuit for those with larger breasts.

2. A sheath dress, perfect for plus sizes

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Wrap the sarong around the body, passing the hem around the breast, under the armpits. The flaps must be at the front, so you can tie a knot with a bow. You will have obtained a sheath dress, also possible in the short sarong version . This style is more suitable for plus sizes, for those who want to minimize wide hips or a little belly, because the fabric at the height of the belly and hips is more fluid and less highlights some small defects. strong, the sheath dress obtained with a maxi sarong is more suitable than the short sheath dress. Do not forget, then, to take a "look also at the swimsuits for plus sizes, which have nothing to envy to beach fashion

3. Pareo with short skirt, ideal if you are short

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If you are short, and want to slim your figure even on the beach, the sarong as a skirt is ideal, in its mini version. Choose a short sarong, and pass the hem of the fabric along the hips. You can choose different ways to tie it: with a central tie, perhaps with a bow, or with a side knot. The central knot will create an interesting drape, especially if you have wider hips, while the simpler side knot is preferred because it creates a slit. A sexy version of the sarong that you should try.

4. Pareo with long skirt, for the tallest ones

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The sarong with a long skirt repeats the same gestures and the same knots as the sarong with a short skirt, but is particularly suitable for taller girls. If you are lucky and have long legs, you can indulge yourself in prints and patterns as well: ethnic prints, tropical prints, or floral patterns.Nobody forbids you to tie the long sarong as a skirt, if you want, whatever the shape of your body, but if you have wide hips it is better to choose a solid color, in a darker color.

5. The sarong as a one-shoulder dress, to be elegant even at the beach

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The sarong as a one-shoulder dress, let's start by saying right away, is suitable for all body shapes. It manages both to slim the figure, to diminish both large breasts and wide hips, and depending on your height you can choose the short or long version, finding the right model of cover-up. But how to tie it? Hold a flap of the fabric on your left shoulder as you pull the right flap around your body with your free hand, starting from the back. Once the free flap is on the front again, because you have wrapped yourself in the fabric, pull the free flap up to tie it to the one on the shoulder. If you are left-handed, do the opposite, the fixed flap on the shoulder is the one on the right, while the left flap wraps you around your body. In addition to being suitable for all, this sarong style is very elegant, you can also wear it away from the beach, at the bar or at a summer lunch. Why not try?

6. Highlight your legs with the sarong

To get a sarong and show off your legs, choose a short sarong, or at least not maxi, wrap the hips with the shorter flap and tie it behind your back. Pass the sarong between the legs, making the fabric return to the front, to tie the flap still free on the front. The sarong is suitable for everyone, because it shows off the legs and is particularly recommended for those who are short and petite.

7. Pareo with hole: what is it? How to wear it?

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The sarong with the hole is a particular model that has depopulated a few years ago, and which is still around. It offers several ideas to diversify your beach look with a cover-up, and it's worth a try. In fact, the sarong has a real hole along a flap. To tie it, put your arms behind the hole, wearing the sarong like a dressing gown. Then cross the flaps and tie them back. With this version you will highlight the breasts, while emphasizing the hips. An excellent solution if you have an hourglass body. To create elegant draperies instead, wear the sarong as in the first example, but instead of letting the flaps pass through the front, keep them together and slip them into a large ring to be pushed under the breasts. . With the free flaps on the front you can then indulge yourself in trying different knots, including the one on the back.

The most beautiful sarongs of the summer

Now that you know how to wear it, here is a choice among the most beautiful sarongs of the summer: the choice is rich between long and short sarongs, ethnic sarongs, plain colors or with fantasy prints and vitamin colors. Then there are the foulard sarongs, lighter and more transparent, and the cotton ones, more suitable for making the clothes we have shown you. Choose your favorites for your holidays!

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