Hair dye: everything you need to know for a natural, professional and long-lasting result

Hair dye is the number one solution for those who want to hide gray hair or revive / change their natural color. Do you also dream of getting a really professional color, which gives you bright and shiny hair?

Discover now with us all the secrets to choose the right hair dye for you, whether to prefer it with or without ammonia, how to spread it, what precautions to use for before and after, whether to use it even during pregnancy and what mistakes to never make so that it can last a long time!

But first, take note of this recipe for an organic mask that makes your hair even more beautiful and shiny. Watch the process in the video!

Hair dye: what to do before and after for a professional result

The success of a hair dye depends first of all on the preparation. Before dyeing your hair, you must therefore prepare it for the chemical process. It is advisable to nourish the hair with moisturizing products such as those based on coconut oil, argan oil or sweet almond oil: all natural substances that restructure the hair fiber and avoid breaking sensitive or already colored hair.

Also to make the color last longer, while making it brighter at the same time, it is suggested to apply a moisturizing product without rinsing once a week that acts as a nourishing and protective film.

Another little secret to maintaining a brighter color is to use a nut of conditioner, both before and after washing, spreading it on dry hair. This procedure is useful for fixing the color inside the barrel.

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Red, blonde, gray or blue colored hair ... how to choose the right color for you?

Would you like to try what you would look like with red, blonde or even blue hair? Certainly choosing the right color is not easy and it is not certain that what you like is also good for you. So here are some tips to choose the one that's right for you among the many colors on the market.

First of all consider this: each of us perceives himself to be a slightly darker color than his own. So if your goal is to get a natural color, choose one that is a couple of shades lighter than yours and you won't regret it!

If, on the other hand, you want to change color, you should choose the right hair dye color based on your skin tone and eye color. If you have fair skin and dark eyes, a nice warm blonde will be recommended for you, or a light brown with golden reflections.

On the other hand, if you have dark skin and light eyes, focus everything on a honey blonde or mahogany, avoiding black. The olive complexion and dark eyes call instead a beautiful intense brown or black. Finally, fair skin and light eyes go well with all shades of blond or with a coppery red.

To be sure of the result, you can try to test the hair dye with some special smartphone app that will apply the chosen color to a photograph of you and give you an "idea of ​​the result. There are many in circulation! Again: you can try with a hair dye of the washable ones, and if you don't like shampoo away! Finally, don't forget the classic wig: a great way to get an idea if a particular color suits you or not.

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DIY dye: what to do and what not

If you have decided to do your own dye and want to get a professional result, there are some rules you should never break! First of all, make sure that the dye in question does not create any kind of allergy: try a small amount by placing it in the hollow of the knee. Leave it on and rinse: if the next day there is no irritation, it means that you can proceed in all calm!

If you have chosen a professional hair dye, trust what the instructions tell you and leave the color on in the indicated time, without being frightened if the result seems too light or too dark: it is not yet the right time to establish it and you are only taking risks. to stress the hair or to decrease the effectiveness of the product.

When you put the dye on your hair, always remember to use gloves and a cape so as not to get dirty: pay attention especially to the nails ... if the color ends up there, there is trouble! You should then insulate your forehead, ears and neck with petroleum jelly to prevent the skin from staining: if this happens, clean up immediately, before the dye dries.

Always begin to spread the color at the root by tapping with the brush, and then move - after a few minutes - to the length: the tips are colored more quickly.

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Natural hair dye: pros and cons

If you are afraid that hair dyes can damage your hair or irritate your skin, you should choose natural dyes. These dyes, unlike the others, contain vegetable pigments that do not attack your hair and, thanks to their eco-friendly ingredients, make it soft and bright, nourishing and hydrating it during coloring.

Natural dyes, however, have a lower coloring power than those that contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, and also for this reason they stress the hair less. Furthermore, as there are no chemical components, the range of colors available is very limited. Better to choose them, therefore, of a color not very far from ours. The duration will inevitably be shorter.

The best known natural dye is henna, a plant extract obtained from the leaves of Lawsonia inermis: the color it offers is a beautiful mahogany red. You can find henna either in powder or mixed with other natural extracts which, depending on the case, create specific reflections: with chamomile you will get beautiful blondes, with tea or coffee intense browns.

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Hair dye in pregnancy: with or without ammonia?

Let's face it right away: if you are pregnant, hair dyes with ammonia should be completely avoided. Ammonia is used in hair dyes because it allows you to color them thoroughly, lifting the scales. As you will be able to deduce, it is an ingredient that subjects the hair to profound stress, but which - at the same time - ensures a full coverage, intense color and long lasting.

Last generation hair dyes with ammonia are enriched with natural ingredients that mitigate the negative effect, but only up to a certain point. Pregnant women should regardless of the use of these dyes, especially in the first three months: ammonia, in fact, could penetrate the scalp and reach the fetus. The placenta cannot filter this substance! It is therefore better for pregnant women to avoid handling or approaching the product and focus on completely natural colors, such as those we have just indicated.

The enemies of hair dyes

After having colored your hair, remember to protect it from the sun's rays which tend to fade and make the color duller. Also hairspray or gel containing alcohol and derivatives should be avoided as they attack the color, limiting its duration.

Is your water particularly rich in chlorine? Be careful, especially if you've done a blonde hair dye, you may end up with greenish undertones. Finally, even heat can be an enemy of our dye: when the keratin gets too hot, its components deteriorate. Therefore, limit the use of straighteners, hairdryers and curling irons to avoid finding yourself with a dry, arid and difficult to tame hair ...

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