How much does your hair grow per month? A recurring question

To understand how much hair grows per month, we must first consider that there are many causes that influence the growth of the hair, like that of the nails.But beyond the specific reasons, generally hair that grows quickly and regularly, therefore at least 1 centimeter per month, is essentially healthy hair, in good health, cared for and pampered. Find out how to take care of it the right way!

The factors that affect hair growth.

To clarify the concept, we can analyze the factors that most influence hair and nail growth. Let's start with the ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has its own particularities. The hair of Africans grows slower than that of Europeans and Asians. Asian women have much faster hair growth than women of other ethnic groups. In general then mostly women's hair grows much faster than men's.
Another fundamental element is age. When you are young, your hair grows quite quickly, but as you get older, as specific studies show, the process becomes slower on average, in some cases it almost stops. But do not despair, it is not always the case and in fact it happens to many, even over the age of 50, to be forced to retouch the regrowth with dye lacquers or to completely redo the dye even after twelve or fifteen days due to a very rapid growth of own hair. How much do they grow in these cases? Fast, and therefore more than one centimeter per month. However, this happens when the hair is quite healthy.
We must not neglect the skin of the head to always be treated with the utmost delicacy and also the general state of health, as the lack of vitamins reflects a lot on the state of our hair, as well as poor nutrition and the stress caused by physical discomfort. and above all psychological. For example, when we are depressed, mood greatly affects the state of our hair, nails and even eyebrows, causing excessive effluvium especially in the change of season. Seborrheic dermatitis also affects the health of the scalp a lot and is often caused precisely from stress, or from a complex phase of life.

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How to make hair grow faster? The remedies are there!

To make your hair grow and to keep it healthy, it is important to first take care of the scalp. You have to wash your hair but not too often, carefully, but gently, always using non-aggressive shampoos that can harm the health of the skin and head, irritating it and often causing flaking of dandruff. In addition, the scalp should be massaged in a soft way, to ensure that the blood flow under the skin is reactivated. It is also necessary to pay close attention to nutrition, eating in a varied way, without abusing certain foods, such as refined sugars and carbohydrates, and preferring those rich in vitamins, especially B, which is beneficial for nails and hair. For example, salmon, dried fruit, olive oil, legumes, water, eggs are very useful for safeguarding the health of your hair and accelerating its growth.
If, on the other hand, you are not eating complete and well-balanced meals or if you are physically and mentally stressed, supplements (which contain elements such as biotin, folic acid, vitamins B, C, D, A, C and E) could probably help you. to improve your overall health and accelerate the growth of your hair. However, this is always under the control of your trusted doctor who will be able to advise you on the choice and doses, as they could also interfere with other medicines you take frequently.

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Best solutions and simple but effective tips.

A good advice is not to use the plates too often (reserve them when it is essential, for example for some special occasion). Too strong heat slows down hair growth. Use cold water when rinsing them after shampooing in order to reduce the damage caused by the hairdryer during drying. In fact, rinsing with cold water can promote faster hair growth, as it attenuates the loss of moisture caused by the heat. Then listen to your hairdresser when he advises you to cut the tips often. Many are reluctant, while that trim is needed and makes our hair grow sooner. Not all trichologists agree that shortening hair frequently serves to strengthen and accelerate their growth, but certainly split ends weaken the hair, thin it and make it break. Their periodic cut, on the other hand, usually improves the health of the hair and accelerates growth.
Even brushing your hair without special care can be harmful to your hair, preventing it from growing strong and healthy.

Do not use plastic brushes and combs, too rigid and with pointed or worse teeth propped in the shape of a nail, but prefer those in natural bristle, which will help you spread the natural oils applied with the masks gently over the entire surface of the scalp and over the entire length of the hair. And above all, never start from above, brushing your hair, especially if you have long hair. Always start from the bottom, and then get to the top of the scalp slowly and without creating those tangles in the hair that often get knotted so much that then they cannot be dissolved quickly without tearing a few strands and causing a fair amount of hair loss.
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The miraculous cosmetics: quality shampoos, conditioners and hair masks.

Another ally in hair care is shampoo. Also essential is the use of conditioner, which not everyone uses after shampooing. Usually, especially those who suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, are afraid that when worked with the brush, the hair will become greasy more easily and lose thickness. Or to hurry up when they wash them by taking a quick shower. But the conditioner is absolutely necessary for the care of your hair! If anything, you have to use less shampoos and be careful to use the best, delicate and low-foaming products, as they can make you lose the natural oils of the scalp, which are essential for long and healthy hair.
The longer the hair, on the shoulders or beyond, the more it means that it has a few years of life more and therefore requires greater and more effective care than simple conditioner.
And in this, masks that contain natural oils, such as coconut, almond or jojoba oils, will be very useful: they are natural and precious oils that release fatty acids that benefit your hair even after washing. Leave them on damp hair for about ten minutes and then switch to shampoo to show off flawless and perfectly healthy hair!

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