How to make dinner faster

After a long and busy day, cooking is always tiring.
Even if you have a passion for cooking, saving time and effort while preparing dinner would be very welcome.
That's why we thought we'd offer you some suggestions on what might help you prepare dinner faster and enjoy your time at home more.

250 dinner-saving recipes by Benedetta Parodi

A real first aid for your kitchen: Benedetta Parodi has invented for us the perfect "save dinner" recipes, that is those that in 15 minutes allow us to prepare simple but delicious dishes and, if desired, also of great effect. Benedetta has also thought of those who have a little more time and has created an easy-to-consult manual that meets every need.

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The best yogurt makers 2020: how to make yogurt at home

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8-in-1 multifunction tool

A nice colored bottle that once disassembled can be used in 8 different ways: bottle, funnel, citrus squeezer, grater, yolk / egg whites separator, measuring cup and a handy ring that helps you open the jars.
Everything you need in one tool: The big advantage? Reassemble and wash it as a single piece!

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Klarstein Slowcooker

A heavier ceramic inner pot with lid that offers space for all the ingredients you want; the external device that contains a heating element that heats the internal pot. The advantage: unlike traditional pans, the ceramic one heats up evenly, so as to obtain impeccable results. Cooking for several hours makes meat and fish particularly juicy. But the great help that the slow cooker will give you is the fact of being able to leave your dishes cooking and take advantage of it for a nice shower or to relax a bit ".

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Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 grill

An electric grill that heats up easily, perfect for heating sandwiches, toasting bread and once opened, it becomes a real grill on which to cook vegetables and meat quickly and easily. Without dirtying the stoves and pots. Brilliant, isn't it?

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Russell Hobbs steamer

A smart and healthy way to steam food while retaining nutrients and vitamins. The steamer is equipped with three trays to cook different foods at the same time, such as vegetables, rice and fish. Really practical.


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