Bye bye dark circles: all the tips to make them disappear!

Whether it's because you slept too little, because of the cold or simply predisposition, we all happen to have dark circles.
We don't like them because they give us a very tired look and especially when we put on make-up, it really bothers us not being able to cover them because they ruin all the make-up we have taken care of in detail.

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What are the causes of dark circles?

To find the right remedy for dark circles, it is important to know their possible causes.
Unfortunately, the skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face and it is really easy for any type of problem to be more visible, compared to other areas of the face, protected by an adipose layer that stretches and evens out the skin color.
This is why all the problems related to the dilation of blood vessels, resulting from stress, fatigue, cold are so evident in the eye contour.

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What to do against dark circles?

1. Avoid stress

We know, it sounds trivial, but stress damages a lot of things, both in the body and in the mind.
Take advantage of moments of relaxation to let go of all tension.
Check out some tips for making your home a small spa, ideal for when you come home from work.
Also try a digital detox when you are free. Prefer the royal company of your loved ones and your four-legged friends!

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2. Look for a healthier lifestyle

That is to say:

  • make sure you get enough sleep
  • enrich your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • try to do physical activity, even a walk is enough!

3. Drink more

Dehydration, in addition to causing a lot of problems, is one of the main causes of dark circles.
Bandits, therefore alcohol and coffee, which can only make the situation worse. Green light to water!
Make sure you drink at least 2 liters a day!

Once you have made these fundamental changes in your lifestyle, correcting dark circles with treatments and make up will be a breeze!

Here are the best products to fight dark circles

Remescar Clinically Proven Eye Contour Cream


Before moving on to the attack with covering make-up, try a daily beauty treatment.
This eye cream from Remescar is the ideal choice. It is specially formulated to fight bags and dark circles. Refreshes, relieves swelling and gives long-lasting results.

Remescar is clinically proven and uses a unique combination of clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex that improves skin elasticity, decreases fluid build-up under the eyes and acts on micro-muscle tone. This triple action helps to visibly reduce swelling under the eyes and eliminating the unsightly appearance of dark circles.

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Thermal gel mask


A funny remedy, but very useful indeed. A gel mask that adapts perfectly to the shape of your face, you can cool it in the fridge or freezer, when you need to soothe your face and especially around the eyes. Immediately reduces swelling and immediately gives a feeling of freshness and relaxation.
Plus, you can warm it up to use when you've caught a cold or to relieve sinusitis and migraines.

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FOREO IRIS massager T-Sonic technology for the eye area


Do you know Foreo's T-Sonic technology?
It is a mechanical movement reminiscent of the draining lymph massage, applied to a much smaller massager, perfect for the eye contour area. This continuous motion will ensure that there are no more accumulations of water in the eye contour area. hitting the final goal: to eliminate bags, dark circles and signs of aging!

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MAC Studio Finish


Once we have dealt with the problem from the inside and in a constant way, we move on to the most immediate remedies, such as make-up.
Choose a high-quality dark circle concealer. This of Mac is very opaque, Those in cream are better, for darker and recurrent dark circles, tending to blue or purple, as the product tends to fix more easily than a liquid product.
Just apply a small amount with a concealer brush, tapping from the inside to the outside.

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MAC Studio Palette


In case your dark circles are darker and purplish on the inside and more brown on the outside, it is best to choose a palette of different concealers.
On fair skin, a peach-colored concealer will work, then orange but with a hint of pink in the inner corner and a more yellowish one going outwards.
For dark skin, a warm light brown with a hint of orange is enough.
Remember in both cases to blend right down to the lower lashline, to immediately appear less tired.

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