Say goodbye to DIY pulsed light waxing!

You too are a victim of folliculitis and can no longer bear the regular stops at the beautician. We don't really talk about using a razor or depilatory cream, but on the other hand, what else can you do to get rid of the annoying and unsightly hairs without moaning. Luckily, the technology of the last few years comes to our rescue: now the definitive hair removal is a constantly evolving reality! The choice we have today is between laser hair removal, more expensive but with almost definitive results, and pulsed light hair removal, more affordable and generally safer on skin that has many moles.

Pulsed light hair removal has numerous benefits, and the best part is that now you can even go DIY! In fact, with a portable pulsed light epilator you can epilate directly at home without having to go to the beautician. We have selected the 7 best pulsed light epilators for face and body that can be purchased conveniently online. You can use them all even in the most delicate areas of the body and are safe even for sensitive skin!

Philips Lumea Advanced pulsed light epilator: the best for quality-price!


For pulsed light at home, the best product for quality and price is definitely the Philips Lumea Advanced. This pulsed light epilator has a duration of 250,000 pulses and is equipped with 2 ergonomic accessories, one for the largest areas of the body and the other for the face and the most delicate areas. It has 5 intensity settings, a sensor for detecting the skin tones, a UV filter and a safety system that prevents you from activating the pulsed light when the appliance is not well positioned. According to dermatological tests, it is safe even on the most sensitive skin and guarantees results after a few weeks of use!

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Poshions pulsed light epilator


This pulsed light epilator from Poshions is the one with the longest duration, 600,000 pulses. Very practical, it can be used without wires, but of course it has the drawback of having to charge it in advance and therefore having to program the hair removal routine. It has two types of flashes and five energy levels to adapt to all needs, so you can use it on all areas of the body, even the most sensitive. The time of each session varies from 30 seconds to 4 minutes, depending on the type of hair. To avoid the burning sensation, it has a cooling system that blows cold air on the skin.

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Itscool pulsed light epilator


This Itscool epilator also has a long life thanks to its 300,000 pulsations. It has several safety systems to prevent overheating, blinding and short circuits and can be used wirelessly thanks to the battery. It guarantees smooth skin for up to two months after each session and has five intensity levels, which allow it to adapt to different areas to be depilated and different skin tones (from lightest to darkest). It is an American brand, but the epilator is sold with an adapter for Europe.

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Remington i-Light Prestige pulsed light epilator


This pulsed light epilator is equipped with an electric cable, which fortunately is long enough and does not hinder movement. It has three different accessories to adapt to all areas of the body: a 3 cm² window for the larger areas of the body that releases the flash every 3 seconds, a 2 cm² window for the face with a pulse every 4 seconds and one for the bikini area always 2 cm², but which releases the pulse every 2 seconds. It has five intensity levels, two different modes and has a duration of 150,000 pulses.

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Beurer Velvet Skin Pro pulsed light epilator


This epilator from the German brand Beurer adapts to all areas of the body thanks to its 6 power levels. It works wirelessly, which does not interfere with movements but requires the batteries to be recharged before use. It has an excellent safety sensor that verifies that the device is positioned correctly on the skin and is equipped with a UV filter. Its duration is very long long, as it is programmed to withstand up to 300,000 pulses.The flash window is very large (4.5 cm²), which significantly shortens the hair removal sessions.

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Braun Silk Expert 5 pulsed light epilator


Braun is a guarantee of quality in the hair removal sector, and in fact its pulsed light epilators from the Braun Silk Expert 5 series are top of the range: dermatological tests have shown a significant decrease in body hair in just 4 weeks of use! model automatically adapts the light to the tone of your skin and can be used on all areas of the body. The bulb has a duration of 300,000 pulses and emits the light beam at an interval of 1-2 seconds, to make the hair removal session fast and efficient. Included in the package you can find a rotating brush for skin exfoliation.

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Philips Lumea Prestige pulsed light epilator


Philips is also a guarantee when it comes to pulsed light epilators. This model guarantees a duration of 250,000 pulses and even a 92% reduction in hair after three sessions. It is equipped with 3 precision accessories for different areas of the body and is very fast, since it allows you to epilate both half legs in 8 minutes! Of course, it also has the SmartSkin sensor that allows it to adapt the light beam to your complexion . An interesting feature of this pulsed light epilator is that it is smart: it is used with the Philips Lumea application that provides you with a personalized hair removal program and sends you a reminder on your smartphone when it is time to do the pulsed light. home!

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