8 good resolutions in the kitchen to start the new year!

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

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A good way to eat vegetables is to steam them. You peel them, put them in the Russell Hobbs steamer, a little water and that's it! In the meantime you can relax because it stops automatically thanks to the timer. Isn't it perfect?

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Low immune defenses and need to double up on vitamins? Choose a blender full of accessories, like this one by Russell Hobbs that will allow you to prepare juices and soups for the whole family and above all to take them everywhere.

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2. Prepare meals for the week

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Have you decided to cook for a whole week at once? You will need to keep everything in containers, glass for example! Different sizes, for different uses. These Zestkit containers can go in the fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher and even in the oven. (without cover).

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3. Healthy food, even in the office

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Now that your dishes are ready, you can quickly prepare your lunch to take to work. No more junk food consumed in a hurry, this year you will eat better! With this bento from Umami, you will not be looking forward to dividing the dishes in the compartments!

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4. Take care of the refrigerator

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The refrigerator can quickly become a nest of bacteria if you don't clean it often enough. So if you're short on time, opt for these cool Shop Story antibacterial mats, which will keep your food away from bacteria for longer!

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5. Make compost

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Even without a garden, you can make compost. But to keep the bad smell from invading the whole house, so does this great Gallon compost bin! The carbon filter will not let out the smell and you can live your life in an ecological way without appeasing the kitchen!

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6. Plant a vegetable garden

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Would you like to eat healthy and know how to grow your own vegetables? Start planting a vegetable garden! Garden or balcony, everything is possible with a little imagination! Sure, you can start with spices and aromas until your garden grows. But in no time, you will have your first zero km minestrone. Here is a kit for beginners!

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7. Drink more water

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It is always difficult to think about drinking regularly throughout the day. Take care of yourself by buying this reusable glass bottle that can also fit on your desk! Maybe the design will win you over to the point of pushing you to drink more ... These by Miu Color are super modern and practical. We love them!

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8. Cook more!

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Do you love recipe videos? Only they often get lost in the delirium of the web.
Here is a solution to get you inspired every day: a cookbook for a different recipe per day. Choose yours and test yourself.
This almanac on home cooking is edited by Benedetta Rossi, who is very popular on social media.

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