What happens to your hair if you don't wash it for a week (risks and benefits)

Every woman actually asks herself how often it would be better to shampoo, and still today there are those who prefer to do it every day (although it is now established that it would be better to avoid)! If it is true that the "when" varies from woman to woman , as it is related to the quality of the hair and scalp (if you have oily, dry hair, if it has dandruff etc ...) there are certainly a number of false myths about hair and its washing. It would be really so bad not to wash hair for a week?
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What happens if you don't shampoo for a week

Ultimately, not washing your hair for 5 days is a solution that even several stars adopt, and this not only for practicality, but also for the yield and hold of the hair. Shampooing too often can damage the hair, irritate the skin, not only due to the composition of some products, but also due to the use of the hair dryer too frequently or incorrectly. In the case of very thick hair, some stars prefer to adopt the dry shampoo method, and maybe on the fifth day simply queue.

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Problems of those who do not shampoo with the right frequency

The risk of washing the hair infrequently would be that the oils produced naturally by the scalp can grow fungi and consequently lead to seborrhea, which consists of an excessive production of sebum in the glands.
Ultimately, the "ideal shampoo" should be done at least every 3 days, but in the end everyone has their own hair and shampoos!

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