Barbie Bebe Vio: for girls who never stop dreaming

It is called the dream gap and it is a psychological phenomenon recognized only recently for which, in the minds of girls, a deleterious process is triggered that makes them believe that they do not have adequate skills to achieve their career ambitions, unlike their male peers. In this way, girls are more likely to abandon their dreams at a very young age. It is in the context of the fight against the dream gap that the idea of ​​Mattel, the historic company that gave birth to Barbie, was born to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic doll with a one-of-a-kind Barbie line dedicated to adults. women of yesterday and today who can be a source of inspiration for girls all over the world as well as women of the future. One of these was dedicated to Bebe Vio.

Barbie Bebe: the strength of your dreams to overcome all obstacles

Barbie Bebe has the appearance of a fencer, including her legs and forearms amputated following a fulminant meningitis that struck her when she was 11 years old. The promising career in the world of sport, which began at the age of 5, sadly seemed to have reached the end credits and, instead, it was only at the beginning. Her father designed the prostheses on which to graft the foil and Bebe put all the determination and the desire to never give up.

At just 22 years old, the athlete is one of the biggest names in Italian sport. Bebe, in fact, among its successes can include the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the World Championships in Rome in 2017 and the European Championships in Terni in 2018. And we are sure that it will not be outdone next year, on the occasion of the Paralympic Games of Tokyo for which he is training hard.

The recognition conferred on her by Mattel, in Italy also assigned to other examples of women empowerment such as the starred chef Rosanna Marziale, the singer Elisa, the astrophysicist Sandra Bavaglio and the stylist Alberta Ferretti, is aimed at demonstrating to all girls that there are no obstacles. too big to be overcome and teach them never to doubt their abilities because, with commitment and dedication, any dream is achievable. We women have infinite potential, we just have to learn to believe in ourselves. Just like Bebe did, our magical girl.