Fast starters: cold, vegan, vegetarian, with meat and fish ... Here are the most delicious!

Are you looking for ideas for fast appetizers to prepare at the last minute? Whether you prefer them cold, vegetarian, vegan or based on meat and fish, you are in the right place! We are here to offer you original and tasty recipes that will allow you to amaze your guests. even if the time to prepare dinner is very short, and it often happens to find people at the table without much notice ...

Here are some ideas to inspire you! If, on the other hand, you have time available, in our video you will discover how to prepare delicious tartlets of shortcrust pastry, a "perfect idea for a delicious and refined appetizer:

Quick cold appetizers!

Cold appetizers are by their very nature also very quick to prepare, since they do not need any cooking! This, however, does not mean that they cannot be delicious and imaginative exactly like appetizers with a more complex preparation. What do you think, for example, of presenting colorful stuffed mozzarella as an overture to your lunch or dinner? To prepare them, just cut them and empty them from the inside, and then stuff them as you like. They are excellent, for example, with chopped tomatoes, raw scampi, a base of rocket and the addition of a touch of pesto!

Equally delicious and very quick to prepare are the cheese balls with pomegranate, a pairing that will amaze you! Mix together some cow's milk ricotta with goat's ricotta, to create a homogeneous cream to which you will add grated pecorino, salt and pepper.Cover the cream obtained with a film and leave it in the fridge for half an hour, then create balls with your hands and let them roll on the pomegranate grains so that they adhere to the spheres.

Another simple and cheerful idea for a very fast appetizer are cold skewers with ham and melon, a pair that is a great classic of appetizers, but which - prepared in this way - will surprise you. Just stick a slice into a skewer of ham folded and rolled on itself so that it looks like a small rose and then followed by a cube of melon, a cherry mozzarella and a cherry tomato.

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Fast and delicious vegetarian appetizers

Are you a vegetarian or have you simply decided to opt for a quick vegetable-based appetizer? Go for a gazpacho with vegetable sticks! Preparing the gazpacho is simple: cut into small pieces and then put some peeled perini tomatoes in the mixer. Then add a red onion, bread, mint and white wine vinegar and blend until you get the density of a cream. At that point you can pour it into small glasses with the addition of pepper and oil and serve with sticks. raw courgettes, spring onions, carrots, celery to dip into!

Another great vegetarian appetizer is the cold parmigiana. To prepare it, start by cutting the aubergine into vertical slices, then grill them and put them to cool. Put two cherry tomatoes in the blender with oil, salt and pepper and cut a buffalo mozzarella into slices. Assemble your parmigiana starting by spreading a layer of blended tomatoes, one of eggplant, one of cherry tomatoes with parmesan, some slices of buffalo. All this until the ingredients run out!

Quick and tasty vegan appetizers!

Are you looking for very quick appetizers to prepare and vegan at the same time? You are in the right place! Try some excellent lentil hummus with curry and mango: a tasty, exotic and original recipe. To prepare it, just bring some lentils to boil in a saucepan and let them cook for about a quarter of an hour. Then pour the lentils, diced mango, curry, lemon juice, oil and tahini into the food processor and blend until smooth.

Another really tasty vegan appetizer is cauliflower popcorn. Divide a cauliflower into small buds as big as popcorn, then season them with salt, olive oil and, to your taste, rosemary or curry or some paprika and lime. Bake everything and in just 10 minutes they will be ready! ?

Finally, a quick and easy vegan appetizer to prepare, but with all the flavor of the Sicilian tradition: the orange salad. To prepare it, you just need to clean some fennel and slice it thinly, peel an orange and make it into slices, then put it in a bowl of fennel and orange wedges together with pitted black olives, seasoning with oil, salt and pepper. Simple and delicious!

Easy to prepare meat based appetizers!

An excellent fast meat-based appetizer is the cooked ham mousse, versatile and ready in just 5 minutes! You can spread it on canapés, bruschetta, sandwiches, cream puffs ... whatever you prefer! You just need some robiola or soft cheese like philadelphia and ham: blend them together and you're done!

The beef carpaccio with grapefruit is also ultra-fast: just buy some beef carpaccio, arrange it in a nice dish and dress it with rocket, capers, pink grapefruit wedges and a spoonful of oil: you will feel that goodness!

Maybe the frankfurters will be less refined, but just as tasty: buy some skinless frankfurters and cut them into chunks and then pass them in a pan where you will have fried peeled garlic and chopped rosemary. When they are golden brown, put them in a bowl with toothpicks and decorate everything with sprigs of rosemary.

Fast fish starters!

Salmon is the king of appetizers, even super-fast ones, and it's packed with Omega-3s! To bring it to the table in an original way, you could prepare salmon rolls made with sandwich bread in just a few minutes. Preparing them is very easy: spread a slice of sandwich bread with butter, put the slices of salmon on it and roll the slice on itself. Leave a little in the fridge, then take out and cut into slices!

Another always very popular fish-based appetizer is the prawn cocktail. How to prepare it? Start by washing the prawns by removing the head, tail and carapace, boil them for a few minutes and keep them cool for a while. Meanwhile, mix the mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and Worcester sauce in a bowl, then add the Cognac and cream. Place some lettuce leaves in small bowls, sprinkle them with the prepared pink sauce, then put the shrimp on top to finally cover them with the remaining sauce.

Finally, a very fast starter of great class: the tuna tartare with avocado! Take some fresh tuna and cut it into cubes and then season it with a drizzle of oil, salt, pepper, lime zest and chopped dill. Also cut an avocado into cubes and season with salt, pepper, oil, lime juice and shredded dill. Distribute the tuna and avocado in two round cutters, in such a way as to create two small towers when you take them out. And if you love avocado, here are many other creative ways you can use it in the kitchen:

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