Baby shoes: the best models for their first steps

Do you also want to go to the whole store when you have to choose the shoes for your baby?

Choosing shoes for your puppy's first steps is not a simple decision not only because they are all very tender! The first steps are in fact a time of great challenge for your baby. Walking barefoot is ideal, but this is not always possible. Therefore, a nice pair of comfortable and ergonomic shoes will be your child's great ally in this very special moment.

We have selected for you 5 comfortable and cute models for sale on Amazon to accompany your baby's first steps.

Delebao soft leather shoes

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During the first few steps, a baby's feet are still developing and therefore don't react like an adult's feet. It is recommended to choose soft models, with flexible and non-slip soles. Materials must also not be neglected: they must be breathable and light. Of all, you prefer a malleable material such as soft leather. Instead, avoid models with rigid leather or fabrics that can hinder the development of the feet or prevent the skin from breathing. This model in soft leather and bow from the Delebao brand is beautiful and made with very soft leather. The effect is even more beautiful thanks to the metallic color!

Pros: soft and quality leather; they are light; the design is very beautiful, chic, and is available in six other colors.
Cons: it is not totally non-slip; missing an elastic that improves adherence.

Buy on Amazon for € 13.99

Adidas Stan Smith

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The mini version of the classic Stan Smith models always makes our hearts beat with tenderness! After the first few months of strolling, your child will need a more stable pair of shoes. We therefore advise you to focus on models with rigid soles and non-slip rubber. The mini Stan Smith closes with double velcro, so it's easier to put them on and adjust them: a great choice since the shoes must be snug but not too tight, because the child's feet can swell during the day.

Pros: Cool design; resistant leather; simple and snug closure; rigid and stable sole.
Cons: Price a little higher than average.

Buy on Amazon for € 40.88

Dotty Fish baby leather shoes


As babies begin to take their first steps, little ones need shoes that are flexible, lightweight and protect their feet. The Dotty Fish shoes are designed in England and are the ideal models for children who are just starting to stand: they have non-slip suede soles and an elastic at the ankle that gives grip and prevents the shoe from accidentally slipping off. They are also available in other colors and cute designs, such as panda, fox, bear and many more!

Pros: Soft skin; light; more snug elastic closure; several choices of designs.
Cons: Not totally non-slip; according to reviews they are not very resistant.

Buy on Amazon for € 21.99

Delebao Baby Shoes


If lightness is your priority, these Delebao fabric shoes are ideal. Produced in colored fabric and with a non-slip sole, these shoes allow your baby's feet to breathe and their elastic closure guarantees a better grip. I am also available in four other colors: red, pink, white and blue.

Pros: made of fabric that allows the feet to breathe; non-slip sole; tight elastic closure.
Cons: according to the reviews they are not very resistant.

Buy on Amazon for € 13.99

Cartoonimals baby shoes


If you are fond of the idea of ​​thematic shoes, this shoe with fox design is very cute and interesting! Made of fabric and synthetic leather, this model with hook and loop closure is beautiful, fun and practical. Its non-slip sole made entirely of rubber guarantees perfect stability.

Pros: made of fabric that allows the feet to breathe; tender design; practical hook and loop closure; stable and flexible non-slip sole.
Cons: the rubber sole is slightly heavier.

Buy on Amazon for € 16.99

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